Hurricane Peaks - A lost level

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These days I booted up again Little Big Planet 3 and I found this unfinished level called Hurricane Peaks, it was about making it out this lake mountain peaks. I left it there for a change of habits and finding hard to play on console this days and it was not an easy task to make it work but it was a ton of fun and I really wanted to dive in some level design straight while dodging long coding sessions shame on me :!D . The idea was that the level should use heavily the physics engine of LBP3 so that the player could play around and at some point find the solution and the exit out the Hurricane Peaks.
I think the Lbp editor has a lot of potential and so does physics in general in gaming, it still not used as much because it's really hard to implement and mostly is for coreography because level design wise you have to make a deal with yourself that things are not gonna go the way you intended.

For this level I made a creatinator(it's a powerup that basicaly equip the player with and emitter that shoot what kind of projectile you want from rocks to baloons whatever you create can be stored here and then shooted)
that shoot floating bombs and on that I kind of built the level around it with cartoon distruction being the key to the level.

In this video below you can see my struggle of finishing the level for the first time, yay it's doable ahah.

Still need to make some little change because it can get confusing and frustating. Definitly I reccomend everyone that want to make a level with LBP editor to avoid multilayer level I always stuck with max 1 - 2 playable layers and this time that I have used 6 (I don't know why I wanted to try but I just got myself into hell)
I pay with lots of frustating and unintellegible situation. I think the multilayer level design has the most fault in having made LBP just a little niche game sadly.

The level is up and running and if anyone has the game and want to try it can find it by looking for Hurricane Peaks on LBP3 search.


Have fun and enjoy this new weekend!

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