Vampire Jam - Throwing some ideas around

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While I was browsing around the jams on the web I stumbled across this vampire themed jam on itch Vampire Jam and joined. I don't know if I'll partecipate properly as I want to keep going doing my stuff in progress. Thing is that I don't have any date goals so I can take as many detours I want and Jams has been kinda of a shortcut for me till this point because I learn to close things up in a working and functioning way that in a big project come late and is a big wall to meet if you don't have made some small steps before.

Haha who am I fooling, just like a cat that switch focus on the closest fly that drift on it's nose. This Jam has something I need thou, I always make kinda peaceful games without gore or killing as the focus so I wanted to prove myself on this bloodthirsty grounds!

I have made some concepts, 3 specifically and I would love some thoughts from the hivers on wich one to choose! I'll probably do a poll on twitter as I think here in it's not possible(as far as I know).



With this I'm thinking about making an arena fighter in wich you have to survive as long as you can under the call of Luhast. This sword call and trick the minds of living who are nearby forcing them in a trance state of a killing machine, and if you resist the impulse of killing the sword and it's wielder is gonna force you in a fight.

Sketched ideasimg_20211001_190245.jpg



You are a bountyhunter that have camped close to a great Vampire castle wich is subjugating all the close village with a zombyfing curse. The plan with this is to make a game that has many cycles as you conquer further and further into vampire territory.




You are a mosquito, the last one(can you imagine that!) and you need to collect the blood in order to keep your species going. At the core a stealth game with a simple moving mechanic of point and press.


Have a good weekend everybody :D


Sounds like a fun theme. GL.


Yeah. Lets see if I can get to do some work 🥵

Yay! 🤗
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