Balled into 3D - Unity Devlog 1

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Hello everybody!

This week I tried something that I was looking to do since a long time but was always kind of afraid of trying, maybe for the complexity it bring to the table but anyway this is my first dive into a 3d world!

I put Game Maker Studio aside for this project because while it's possible to develop in 3d the tools aren't up to standard and it would take a whole lot of knowledge about coding that I don't have right now. So I set up Unity(wich took more time then the whole project itself due to some problems they have with the new Unity Hub >.<'').
Modifying a scene seems pretty intuitive and texturing and creating object of different shapes is a really easy task.

So with a ball and some floors done here we go into making a Monkey Ball clone.

First off following some tutorials I coded the ball movements


The C# language used for Unity look very different from what I used in Game Maker and private void and public void are still something that I don't understand fully as well as the built in functions that I hope to learn in the future. With this code for movement I get the always staggering problem of having the diagonal movement to go something about 40% faster then the 4 directional one. I looked a bit on how to solve this in Unity and there are even some Clamping function built in but I need to overhaul what I have.
I tried a quick patch with something that could work with other movement controller from GMS 2 but to no avail.


Well that didn't work I wasn't too hopeful too ahah. Another thing that I will work next is in camera control via mouse so that I can make the player look all the way around his ball and to add a jump function.

My first impression is wonderful and I look foward to make a playable world soon with some collectible and challenging platforms to ride on.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tunned! :D


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Welcome to 3D... hope you have fun and lots of learning :)

Thank you and I hope so! For now it has surprised my quite a bit

Cheers :)

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