Particles pixel flames - Grab and drop torches

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Goodevening everybody :D

So I did a big breakthrough as far as game ideas working, now I have a lot of control on the mouse hand and I think
it's gonna be the main focus of the game, the ability to drag and drop object and to control them. I'll show more when I have it refined better.

Now let's talk about flames


I used this really quick and easy tutorial to make the particles effect

and then proceed to make my own custom torch with the ability to interact with the physics of the game and the Hando.
This was easily done by replacing the X and Y of the object when pressed the mouse left button, though I spent a while doing this because I forgot that when GMS 2 physics world is active you have to use phy_position_x or y. I even made a post about it sometime ago 😫 practice make it perfect they say.

Here's a bit of playing around with the torches

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

▶️ 3Speak

The problem I got though is that after spawning around 10 of this the game get really laggy and the fps drops are kinda irritating. I wasn't planning to have many torches at once but still having room for improvement here.

Oh well time to go to the sea! Have a nice weekend you all gamedevers!


Looking good. Particles can definitely kill framerates. They look soo cool though. Have to find a good balance. 😅

I reduced the amount of particles instances created by half and is working wonder even with 100 torches now! it's not as beautiful but I can live with that :D All resorcues in game making are to keep in mind ahhhhhhhh😭

A couple of torches should not be doing you in I would think. You might just have to turn down some of the particle settings for the object itself.

I know in UE4 if I go to wild with things it can create lag spots. I had one zone I had to go in and reduce the rate and a couple other settings on some particle effects I had set up.


Hmm probably it's true because it start lagging really heavily when the are in the screen. Will try to lower some of the effects



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