Small update - Vampire Game Jam

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A little update on the Vampire themed gamejam. While I'm proceeding very slowly due to daily job taking up many extra hours each week and leaving me very tired after what I'm aiming now is having something with a working combat system wich would be a nice goal. I don't know if I can put the spin I wanted in the game wich is to have to gain the control of the Bloodseeker sword and scoring points while is in your hand. The idea was that if you lose it other npc can pick it up and use it but I'm very inexperienced with enemy behavior and this would need to have quite some insight on the matter in wich I'm still getting the hang of basic movement and state switching.
I'll settle as the player always posses the sword and have to suck blood from dead demons by pressing down and letting the sword inhale the blood leaving you vulnerable for the time taken for this action.
The level design is gonna be a big flat area where enemy spawn based on the time survived and score reached. If I can reach this 2 points by the 30 of october I would be very pleased!

Some snippet of code in wich I work around having switch statements with Ifs and Else, it's not very efficent but I won't be having many enemies on screen and code rolling underneath so it would not pose a big problem(or I hope so)




One thing that I discovered to be much harder then I thought is gore. Maybe is just me but I find really hard to draw it/animate something that can be scary or gross, for now the first monster the Eyebat is wayy too cute, I mean.


If I can get the prototype working soon I would love to turn this in a more demonic atmosphere.

Have a goodweek!!! :D

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Looking good so far! That pesky day job is always a problem. :(

Glad you like. Yeah would love the half of it please ahah

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