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At last I finished what is resambling a game with an objective and map, everything was very wild as I made most of the world in the last 3 hours of the jam.
It look very ductaped and it is, the process felt like those punk/grunge albums from the 90ies where the idea was there but it all come down in a last night of pulling ideas toghether.


It's very hard, I didn't want it to be so but in someway is the most infuriating game I made, some platforming section are borderline pixel perfect with very narrow speed up / speed down window to get the jump right.

The game mechanics are really basics you have a jump, a double jump, wall jumping and speed up and down with the arrow keys.
The speed can be increased after collecting the green energy. Getting faster change how you traverse the map and allow for new routes while closing others. But speed can always be adjusted down and up when unlocked, I planned some energy gates that required to sacrifice some speed in order to be opened but that idea got scratched as it would have made the world to
complex to be designed in any meaningful way.


A look of the game world from afar

The final objective is to collect 10 of this flashy boxes to win.

So here it's if you want to give it a try is online for web play here
and here

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This was a surprisingly challenging game to play. I can honestly say that I did not manage to fetch 10 of the flashy boxes.

Really interesting concept. I like games with simple controls; losing games because I was unable to remember the correct control sequence is not my thing. I really did go into this one thinking that it'd be easy to do. And it was easy to play; I even enjoyed the feature of having to find a place to turn around to take another go. And it is difficult to design a "simple" game yet still have it be challenging and enjoyable.

You must have put in a great deal of thought in building that world and making sure everything was attainable. Very nicely done. I tip my hat to you!

Thank for your nice comment😁! It was a lot of thought but not as much as making it, I was very late for the jam time so I had to rush through level design(wich is the part I like the most) and I cheated a bit by adding more then ten flashy boxes. When the Gamejam is over in a few weeks I'm gonna make some more balance change. It is really hard and I would love something that can be finished kinda easily and then mastered with patience.

I'm trying to focus on simple design as I have the tendency to add way too much to games!

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