Destructible objects - A long way ahead

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A new year has come over and with it a lot of new challenges. I toughts that from here on I could go into and finally some level design for the games after having set down a map of revisitable rooms and the main aspect of gameplay layed down but boy I was wrong. Having worked on mainly one room games before I did not have this problem and I could go on just by dragging and dropping resources on the map making some small changes and that's about it, I could focus all my attention to the design and mechanics at play in the rooms. And so now I have to crawl back to that point because revisitable room with changing and destructible enviromen tha have to be traced down and turned off by some constant variable because that's how Game Maker work, every time you enter a room it create it as is in it's creation instance resetting everything unless you set permanet as an option. But that most of the time make the game acting very weirdly and having too many permanet rooms is not reccomended. And so the huge work of tracking down the state of each single instance is a pretty big roadblock as I take almost double the time to make a room and I have to think more sharply and lay down a plan instead of improvising and trying strange things. So here we are 2022 and a whole new deal has to be faced. Does that happen to you too?Sometimes feels way too much like destiny that you won't find the golden gate on the way you want is maybe that the price of having and living in an apperently infinite and full of emergent gameplay universe?

Video is just a little recap of skills and stuff that made into the game, what I'm gonna do next is decostructing the gameplay and strapping the player of many of the skills to give the opportunity to unlock them in the firsts rooms. I want to create some early puzzles that both entertain and teach how to use this early skills!

Have a goodday! :D

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