Move 78 - A new world

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Yesterday I watched the documentary Alphago, the go playing AI. It struck me hard, I always have this eerie feeling when I happen on AIs completely destroying humans. It get me to thinking about the future and what every effort we put in our everyday life rendered so small by such new entity. I got into this dreamlike view where I could see this advanced AI of the future watching me make a game intercept the idea and making itself, get the game completed and having it already speedrun and gone while I'm still fumbling around halfway through development.
But I think there's a beauty to it, beyond the fear of being rendered completely useless I feel there's a new age for biological life and artificial. This wall feels so tall and frightening but what lies after it must be of beauty never witnessed before.

I highly reccomend the Alphago documentary, wich tells the story of the dev team of Deepmind and how their final progress toward challenging the world best Go players. It has been for me both an hartbreaking and heartwarming tale at the same time. I found a bit of free time today to dust of the ruler and portray this highlight move from the matches. Game 4 move 78 Alphago vs Lee Sedol.


Since the documentary was made back in 2016 Lee Sedol has moved from Go championships as he feel that it would not feel right to play because there's an entity now that he can't beat, I hope he has moved on and is not dwelling in depression or at least he's doing good.

Meanwhile the dev team has developed Alphago Zero wich has not the need to be feed with games as his older version but can play against itself to get better and better at the game in an exponential way. It has beaten Alphago 100 - 0



On a side note I don't know much about Go other then the base rules, wich are really simple anyway. I always been attracted to the game(I remember even reading a manga about it long time ago) but never played myself maybe this is the time I never play it. 😂

Have a goodday!