Last week - Late late late

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As we get in the last week of the Jam I'm very late and far off completing what I imagined so I'll have to leave many features out and many balance and proved mechanics out but I'm having a ton of fun and learning new stuff so I can't be bothered too much!

One thing that is gonna be out and will take this game into experimental ground is a solid combat instead I opted for something more raw but it feels a bit more liquid. The player is gonna have three moves total, the normal attack, the plunging one and a lounge(plus a ground one but that does not have damaging proprieties for now). The gist is that they have more then one frame for dealing damage so that if you get the enemy collision well centered in yours you can do big chuncks of damage with just one hit. For some enemy attacks it do the same to player health but not all as it would have lead to serious and frustating oneshot situation.

A little showcase of the combat.

No sound is probably gonna be how I'll release it because time is a tyrant! 😤

I'm mainly working on the enemies right now I have 2 completed with the bloodsucking Orbeth almost done.


Next I'm working on this Clawed devil that can grab and move around the player incapacitating the movement. It has high health so it's gonna take a bit before escaping it's grip.

After I'm planning on some humanlike punching bag that make most of the encounters that are easy to slay and to dodge but are many and flood the ground.

For now that's about all getting back to work!

Have a good week everybody!


Yay! 🤗
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