Instruction Manual, rebalancing and the Temple of Balls

in Game Development11 months ago

After the deadline for Jam project to be released I started working on the parts I was unsatisfied with the game. Primarily the whole collisions events that happen throughout the game as the ball bouncing around is at the very core of it.
I have this solved but not perfecly as it works 95% of time now as opposed to a more faulty detection that's playable right now. I'm still not happy with the results but now the control that the player have with the ball is much superior making able to connect some tricky shots due to the much better interaction with Bat and Tab wich the player can use now to more gently nudge the ball in a direction(still with some issues but now is much rare when it get stuck in multiple hits or random change of direction).

The change I was very happy with came after earing the firsts complaint from player was just about the start of the game. I had set up this way thinking that I would show little by little the mechanics of the game, having the player unlock the first powerup that make the Tab to rotate around and escape it's first prison.


I tought this was good enough as an introduction, but in the end was very slow and most of players didn't even understand they got something and the chanches were that the ball didn't even hit that causing the players to throw additional lives to clean up the room.
So I changed the layout to this new one.


This small change have pretty big implications as now the player come in contact with another mechanic early on instead of later and is more clear that has ottained something new.
By adding the blue blocks and another rail the player can discover the rail jumping mechanic or simply destroying the walls with the ball and learning that later and the powerup to rotate the piece is much more gained as it is kinda separated from the Breakout/Arkanoid classic game mode and it's obtained in a way that hints at something different.
Still maybe there are other solutions but I find this second one much more elegant and look foward to see how gamers interact with it.

Being the first step the most important in a new game I compiled a little Instruction manual and I had a really goodtime making it inspite of what I thought was a very boring task, right now as a next update I'm working on a versatile menu system that I much need for this game and to the ones that will come after wich will incorporate this manual too.


One much needed addition was The temple of Balls were the player could give back a freeroaming ball back to the altar in exchange to get one life back, the temple is situated close to the main road so that the player can take back a life in case it had throwed too many around, this should encourage experimentation and exploration.


Last but not least the bouncing sound effect has been toned a little bit down and you can't ear the bounce if you are faraway from that action making less annoying having the constant noise of something far off disturbing the exploration. Once the camera sight came back close the sound start playing back.

&& distance_to_object(oCameraactor)<1000

This simple addition does the trick.

Have a good new week everybody!😀


Whoa, nice update

Thanks! looking foward to publish it after the jam is done!

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