Gooballs and Castles - Room Transition WIP

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Hello everybody!

Today I followed a tutorial by FriendlyCosmonaut for I was in much need for a more precise room transition to go back and forth varius rooms. Still I have to adapt the code for better suit my need but this is a good start.


Threespeak problems

First off I want to ask if anybody is having issues with @threespeak I had to resort on Youtube because the site don't load for me. I much prefer having stuff on the blockchain and 3speak was working really nice for me in the last months.


If somebody has a solution or maybe is just a connection problem from Europe?
Well anyway let's get on the code.



Here we set the variables for the DrawGui event and the information that has to be passed to the collider/player object. This object has to be persistent to allow the code to run from room to room.



This is where we set the variables and the look for the transition. How long it last, the color. Eventually one can change even the shape.



This is the code that start the transition when colliding with obj_transition or what is actually the door object that take you to the next room. The obj_transition have to be modified each one with their specific targetroom. You can do this by selecting the instance that you want and then go modify the target room in the Creation Code menu that is unique to any specific object of that kind.

Here's a little showcase of how it work in game.

I'm now keeping a file with all the useful code that can be found in many games. Often I find myself opening old projects to recall how I did add a particular feature, so having the most useful ones in one doc is gonna help a lot.

I still have to modify this code because for the case of the physics project game in wich I have 3 object that work as part of the player object( one for the camera, one for the activation of the player object and one is the player object choosen) I have to find a way to make the transition from one room to another to make the game as seemless as I like!

Have a nice day devvers :D😄


3Speak seems to be fine for me. Though Hive in general has felt slow the last few days, for me at least. Posts and upvotes and stuff just kind of spin for a while. Even had a few timeout on me.

I usually use VS Code for programming. I actually have code workspaces set up to load old projects with similar topics, just for reference. 😅 So you are not alone. I'll have what I'm working on open in its own window. Then a separate window with a list of projects that I can browse to find the things I did before. Always jumping back to references. Too hard to remember everything.

Yeah help a lot having side project open though I'm trying lowering the pc running light!

No clue. I think a couple others have said something about having some connection issues. Perhaps try again tomorrow?




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Had issues till today, now seems to be working just fine.

Thanks for the Pizza :D