Tabbat - A Breakout variation

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Getting a bit of time to play with gamedev finally. I wanted to start up something from scratch to rerereview the basic hopefully one day having a good grasp on them(I probably should check how to make those "Hello word" programs too)


It was rather simple making this work with the basics of Gms 2. This take on the Atari classic Breakout is about having two bats instead of one and the second is mouse controlled, I have a thing in this last year with asymetrical duality as this is the second or third game idea I want to make by having the player control two entities with different skills.
First off I worked on the movement, the red bat, the one controlled via mouse, was rather simple as I just need to track down the mouse pointer coordinates and make follow them. But that would make the red bat move way to fast and it would hard to make it collide properly with the enviroment so I opted instead for having it to follow the cursor at a certain fixed speed so it would not matter how fast one can move the mouse the red bat would take a little bit more of time to reach the point.


The blue bat follow the basics of a top down game so the movement is given to the arrow keys or WASD. Setting up Horizontal speed by having the left and right input in this equation HorSpeed = key_left - key_right and the same for up and down to get the direction the player is moving at a constant speed.
To get the diagonol speed the same as the vertical and horizontal I used this code in the creation event
dagspd = round(spd*((sqrt(2)) / 2))
checking in the step event to use this speed when both of the vertical speed and horizontal speed are used at the same time wich would take you to an 30% increase speed due to Pythagorean theorem application that I can't still fluently explain. The code make you use dagspd instead of walkspd.


The ball just bounce around using the colliding event with varius object in the room with the built in event in Game maker that I don't know how they work and so I got a little bit of clipping when the bats come in callision with the ball at high speed.

There are some other stuff and twist on the formula that I hope you'll enjoy!


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