Mylmil - Wind flowers of the tubular recess

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Flowers that grow in the tubular passages, how they came to be here is a mystery but they are very useful in preserving life in some state as they move small particles of energy around where everything is very stale other then some breath from the tubes that are not occluded.
Rarely they grow in bunch mostly lonely flowers with long stretching roots. They are very attracted by Soothing Sprites almost feel like they have eyes for them and them only.

Slowly building the underground parts while still solving old problems. Got a bunch down but still a very long way to go, hopefully I can get to play the Chord's Bridge level in html version as all the levels works except that one for some reasons.(The reasons are probably that was the first level and way way to big and get all the loading convoluted in html while working just fine in the downloadable version, hope to find a fix|)

Have good new week everybody :D

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