Relatable GameDev Adventure: "Procrastination Simulator GB" 0.1 (Devlog)

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Do you want to feel happy about your Game Development habits? By watching someone worse than you doing the job? That's not what this game is. Procrastination Simulator is just an accurate representation of all indie developers out there.

The GB version is a Game Boy demake created with GB Studio. A new short and to-the-point script, multiple endings, and attractive pixel art!


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IndieDev Representation is too Accurate

Procrastination Simulator GB is a visual novel in which you're an aspiring game developer who hasn't completed any project yet. Will you work on your project, or get distracted by the many distractions on the way?

GB Version is a demake of the original Procrastination Simulator. (Play here.) This version uses a completely different script and pixel art with the look and feel of the original GameBoy. Developed with GB Studio.


This game is played a like a traditional Visual Novel:

  • Alt/Z : Confirm
  • Ctrl/X : Cancel
  • Up/Down Arrows : Move between options.

Devlog: A Bite-sized New Script

Procrastination Simulator is one of my most polished old projects. The theme is something I have a lot of experience with and the idea is unique. The original interactive novel can be played here. Whatever version you play, I'm sure you'll find it relatable.

This is the first project I make with GB Studio. The idea of a demake was the first thing that crossed my mind after trying to learn how to use this engine.


For this GB version, I took the original script as a base. I needed to change the whole script for each message to fit the small screen of Game Boy. I had new pixel art made for the backgrounds. I used this tool to convert my art to GB-ready pixel art. At the time of this writing (ver.0.1) the game has 5 Endings

What's Next?

I plan on actively seeking feedback for this game. I was told to add trackers for the ending. This project also needs audio at one point. (I can't procrastinate that forever, can I?)

I'm also thinking of some sort of risk for the developer but I don't know if that will enhance the feeling of an authentic procrastination experience. Opinions wanted! Please write a comment below or on the game's page.


I feel like this ending pretty much sums up me. Try something -> realize I don't excel at it after two hours and refuse to spend more time to become good -> give up.


Also don't know if this is intended but the W half disappeared from the first word on this screen:


Also typo in the 3rd ending:


Thanks for the feedback... The engine I used created these bugs in your second image (the W) disappeared, I know how to fix it, but I didn't catch all of them before I released it.

Thanks for telling me about the type in the "Asset Seeker" ending! Fixing now for the next version.

The first ending sums me (on my bad days) too~ I wish we'll become better.


What did the tie say to the hat?
I'll hang around here while you go on ahead.

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