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The sky and color temperature is such an important aspect of game-dev, I believe color has a huge advantage of setting the mood, scenery, and environment.

But before we talk about my experiments with the Sky-box. I also did some further tweaking with the pro-builder tool. I wanted to add a bit of grunge and character to the 3d assets, It looked too smooth and furnished to me.

st 1.jpg

I first started with the roads and I subdivided the meshes, I was careful not to just blindly subdivide the whole mesh with the auto-subdivide tool. I only subdivided areas I wanted put some extra definitions... this was an attempt to not go overboard on the poly-counts.

st 1a.jpg

Now the road was starting to look familiar to what I intended. I also experimented with adding some greeny to the scenes, after all, we are supposed to be in a Nigerian setting and not in the desert lol.

st 2.jpg

st 2a.jpg

I have also gotten pretty good with the poly-brush sculpt tool and I decided to put it into use by creating some low-poly trees. I started with a base cone-shape.

st 3a.jpg

Then I subdivided it, manually extruded the bottom-vertice so it looked like a double-sided-cone, and used the poly-brush tool to sculpt and smoothen the rough edges.

ST 5A.jpg

I also poly-brushed the mesh to finish the low-poly tree look.
ST 5B.jpg

Now I can copy and paste this asset around my scene to give my environment a more finished look.

st 6a.jpg

Now moving over to the sky-box issue... I did talk about giving the environment a more sunny and yellowish look. so I had to create my own sky-box material and tweak the values.

st 6b.jpg

I mostly had to tweak the atmospheric thickness and sky tint and now we can see the difference between the two as shown 6c.jpg

st 6d.jpg

The next-step was too create some low-poly clouds, I also used the same cone-shape base and adjusted the mesh until I achieved a kinda-cloudy shape.

st 6h.jpg

Then I had to just copy, paste and skew the duplicates to achieve this result.

st 7A.jpg

I checked the display and was pretty satisfied with the results on the mobile-sized portrait screen.

I guess the next step for me is too get this character moving... Join me next-time when I talk about animating this character and getting free animation-fbx files and free-rigging for a 3D-modelled character.

Thanks for your time... :-)

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Looks like you are off to a great start with this! How exciting that we might have a new game on HIVE soon! 😃

Yes. I am working towards that. This project is a good way for me to get my hands dirty and learn all the ropes, thanks for passing by @thekittygirl :)

Good luck with your game. :D I have not the patience to what you're doing. Have a Happy New Year.

Lol... thanks, 3d modeling can be an enjoyable process once you get the hang of it, Game dev is like creating your own world with it's own set of rules.. thanks for stopping by...

Thanks for sharing on #PYPT!

Thanks @simgirl... enjoyed the warm reception :-)

This is really cool! I look forward to seeing your progress and success with this journey that you are sharing with us!

thanks dynamic for passing by :-)

Much love my man! You are amazing!

right back at you :)

Let us know when we can play :P

haha will do :-) thanks you @tokenpimp

Always great to learn new things. Game design is a great skill and I believe in much demand!

Thank you for sharing your article on PYPT. It was also shared on the Sarge Twitch Stream.

thanks @sgt-dan for sharing my post, I really appreciate :-)

Yay! 🤗
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