Technological Waves: Job Disruption or Sea of Opportunities?

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From time to time, we witness the emergence of new t-hmmechnologies in various fields. While technology plays a crucial role in facilitating our work, it also replaces certain jobs.

Consequently, a lot of people express concerns about the implications of future technology in our society. Will technological advancements continue to displace numerous jobs, or will they present great opportunities for exploration?

In the video shared, I expressed my viewpoint on what we need to do to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape. The content of the video is my own and I credit pixabay for other visual elements I used for illustration in the video. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section. Thank you for your time and attention.

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I like the point you make about how even though technological advancements like AI might appear to be taking people’s jobs, the same technological advancements are creating jobs for people again. The advent of AI has created new jobs and professions we probably never thought of and revamped and improved already existing jobs like freelancing. Even artists can create mockups of their imagination before they get into the creative process of bringing it fully to life. The important as you rightfully said is to evolve with the change and not get left behind.

update: I just realized I mistakenly added points I was drafting for my own video at the top of this comment cos I was sleepy when I wrote it last night. Lol I’m sure you were a little confused when you saw it @collinz

Yes, I was confused at first but I thought it was some kind of remarks about the video, 😀, I wanted to ask you about it later but be careful when you feel sleepy and still wanna write. You don't know what u will write next time.. 😂..

Haha I hear you

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we cannot stop technological advancements or changes taking place from happening but we can evolve with the change

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