The 48 Hour Contest - What Is Your Favourite Piece Of Tech?

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Happy Monday everyone!

Is the quarantine getting to anyone?

For today's contest lets talk about the technology we use everyday. Lets be honest a lot of use check our phone more than we should. And lately it is usually to check the crypto market prices. Or maybe you spend all day on your laptop or playing that new game on the switch. In the comments I want you to share with me what your favourite piece of technology is. It can be something you personally own that you use all the time like your smart phone or it can even be something that hasn't come out that you are looking forward to. But it does have to be something that is real. We will have a scifi contest (or two) in the future so share your answers for that one.

You can write one or two words, or do a whole paragraph if you want to geek out and on about why you are such a big fan on that particular tech. And it doesn't have to be just words, feel free to take a picture of the item and share it in the comments. As I have 2 days to run this contest and am using a lot of my voting power on it I will be giving out a lot of 100% votes to people who enter the contest.

If you are new to the contests all you have to do is put enter your response in the comments and you can get a full 100% vote. It doesn't matter if you are a new member or an old one everyone is free to enter and you don't have to be an expert in the topic. This is a fun game for all users.

I don't know if I have a favourite but I spend a lot of time on my laptop so I'm going to pick that one. Oh and recently I saw a heater that also mines bitcoin, how cool is that?

Enter your response below.

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Go team!


Hello @whatageek

This is a pretty particular contest he he he but it's very good. Thank you.

In my case, if you have any doubt that what I use most is my Laptop, generally, before quarantine I used to spend 2 or 3 hours on it, but now I can spend up to 10 or more hours on it. Mostly writing, writing publications. Reading other posts. But no games, I don't criticize whoever does it, but it's not something that attracts me.
Thanks for the opportunity.

My favorite tech is virtual reality, altough there are not too much games i can play during this lockdown. Stil i love my occulus rift s.

I want to get one of those and try out some of the games. Beat Saber looks fun

i will say my laptop as well. I literally do everything, from working and playing to watching gym videos, talking with others and paying my bills

We really do use it a lot in a day.

My favorite piece of technology remains a the mobile phone....I do everything on it, from monitoring my potfolio to making quick trades, to writing to reading to contacting people to finding more about stuff to keep being updated....If im awake for 24 hours, trust that I'm using my phone for 20 lol. My second fav piece of tech is the drone, firstly I like the idea of it, then I like what it can do. I dont own one yet, but once i do, im sure going to be having a field day with it.

Shared to my twitter.

A lot of us have that bad habit of checking our phone once too often in a day lol But it really is convenient.

I want a drone as well.

Thank you for the tweet.

My favourite tech is boring I guess. But I love my laptop. I spend most of my day on my laptop. Don't get me wrong I love my mobile too as I can use it when out and about but at the end of the day, I can do more on my laptop and spend more time on it.

My Nespresso machine was a close contender

lol Nespresso and a laptop make a good team.

At least the panic buyers didn't buy all the capsules.

My favorite technology is the laser. In one way or another it has been fundamental in the creation of many modern technologies. It's also a useful medical tool during surgery.

I have to say my smartphone.

I can practically do anything with it. Write in the blog, edit my photos, play some games, etc.

I can honestly saying that for me both laptop and smart phone. Both items are my favorite piece of tech. I use my smart mobile when I go out from my fixed wifi zone. That time I can find many ways of blockchain tech and find cryptocutrrency market eyc...But many time of the each day I stay home and office. So I use laptop many times for blogging, vlogging, check emails and other tasks. So why I like both lap and phone.