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I don't know how but somehow these days you are writing on my behalf. You are talking about everything I feel on the inside with so much ease. Do I know you from somewhere? Or are our souls tied to trauma by the same rope?

Thank you for sharing. Quiet must come. Better must come. Please... hold on ♡

In my place, they will say we are in the same WhatsApp group. I guess some pains are universal. I don't know what you have seen and felt but it is possible though our experiences differ, our minds function along the same lines.

I hope quiet does come. I hope better does come. I can only wait.

Eeeer. Sounds like your people are mine too. Some are indeed universal and the experiences oftentimes differ to individualistic level but damn. The human experience remains unchanged and hence the familiarity of the darkness its challenges comes with.

Living has always been a waiting game.

This is true.

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