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RE: How should technological advances be made for the sustainable development of humanity and the planet?

in Project HOPElast year

We will see what happens to technology once the Coronavirus is beaten in one year or? I have the feeling it is a way to change a lot.
Happy writing. You stay on Steemit?


We will see what happens, this pandemic is another challenge for humanity to overcome, and it is also an event for all of us as humanity to reflect on whether we are acting well as a result of all that is happening now.

Of course I will always be with steem, this platform has formed me and I have a lot to thank it, and you also remain in steem?

Great article friend, congratulations for making the decision to stay, I still have faith in steem despite everything that is happening.

Of course, let us have faith that Steem can grow and consolidate in spite of the storms that hit him. Greetings