Each industrial robot displaces 1.6 workers !

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Each industrial robot displaces 1.6 workers: report

  • According to a report by Oxford Economics, one industrial robot replaces on average 1.3 workers in the first year after installation and 1.6 workers in the following years as they are deployed more efficiently.
  • As the number of robots in use worldwide has multiplied threefold over the last 20 years to 2.25m and is estimated to reach as many as 20m by 2030, the global manufacturing workforce is expected to shrink by up to -8.5% (20m jobs) by 2030.
  • Approximately every third of the world’s robots is installed in China. As a result, the country has seen the greatest decline in its manufacturing workforce since 2000, with 550,000 people displaced as of 2016.

Analysis and Comments

  • The disruption caused by automation/robots is always a controversial topic with some experts focussing on the advantage of having mundane work automated so workers can focus on “higher-value work”, while others – such as Oxford Economics – focus on the link between automation and worker displacement.
  • As the report – alongside other studies – shows, the impact is highly regional, with lower-income regions more at risk as robots tend to displace nearly twice as many jobs there compared with higher-income regions. This is not due to the relative size of the manufacturing sector, but due to structural differences in the composition of employment (e.g. skill level and productivity).
  • Despite the fact that many studies, including the above, find that the value created by robots across the economy more than offsets their disruptive impact on employment, these regional differences offer important social and political implications for policymakers who need to ensure regional inequalities are not further exacerbated

Taking this into account, how is it possible to imagine one day a "minimum living wage" for people not skilled enough to find a job?


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@vlemon using industrial robots to replace human workforce in factories and businesses generally is always a controversial issue because of course it could lead to so many loss of jobs for so many people since the robots can do the task they are doing or even do better,i guess technology sometimes might need to be limited in order to avoid chaos because if robots totally replace humans at various companies ,so how will those people be able to survive without jobs??

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I guess this is why there is discussions concerning universal income as it seems something that will happen no matter the political decisions.

Universal Basic Stealing

Bad trend for human beings! Robots rule!

It depends 😂. Could mean no more work !

Sure. Like it happened when agriculture was mechanized, isn't it? Workers are displaced into other jobs.

Then one day people will date robots!! Even falling in love with clones!!
Very sci-fi future is coming!

I think we need to remember during the industrial revolution when the industrial steam-powered cotton-weaving machines replaced manual labour, everyone worried at the time that factories would take away the jobs. In reality, it made way for loads of new more sophisticated jobs that no one had imagined.

I believe we are possibly on the same path now where when manual labour intensive jobs are replaced by robots, we will have the chance to introduce more sophisticated jobs that we have not yet imagined.

One industrial robot displaces an average of 1.3 workers the first year after installation, but the rate grows to 1.6 workers in the following years as companies figure out the best way to deploy robots in operations.

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We can definitely not deny how much this robots have helped to ease human stress but the fear is that, it is going to completely erase human effort pretty soon.