Xiaomi Mi Band 5 review - Is it worth it? Better than Mi Band 4?

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which I have been using for more than half a year. Since then, I have had the chance to test the newest version of the smart band from Xiaomi, the Mi Band 5. Is it worth the upgrade?

Smart watches and smart bands are getting more and more popular, simply because they fullfil the task of a watch (to show you the time), but at the same time, they give you lots of extra information. Such a device will count your steps, it will give you a resume of your sleep (checking your sleep quality) and the different devices have many similar functions.

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I have been using the Mi Band 4 for more than 6 months and I really loved it. So, when I had the chance to buy the newest version, the Mi Band 5, I thought I wanted to give it a try. If they release a newer version, it will for sure be better and worth the extra money! Or maybe not?

What I loved about Mi Band 4!

I loved the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 because the battery was just awesome. I could use it for more than 20 days without having to charge it. That was just fantastic. But, it also showed me my sleep quality, the number of steps, and I could even modify the screen a bit and add a different background (if I wanted to). The MI Fit application made it easy to check your performance, and as a clock, it also functioned very well. So, what's up with Mi Band 5?

After using Mi Band 5 for a month!

The newest version has the same size, but the screen resolution is higher. There are more options for setting up the look of the screen, and this is actually quite nice. However, the battery of the newest version has less capacity, and using the smart band in exactly the same way, I have got to say that the life of the smart watch has halved. As a result, I have to charge the device every 10-12 days. That isn't a tragedy either, but still - it is a movement in a very wrong direction!

It is supposed to measure my sleep in a more exact way, but if that is so, then I am sleeping less and with worse quality than with Mi Band 4. So, if I want to feel sorry for myself, then I should put on the Mi Band 5. If I want to be happy and cheerful about the quality of my sleep, then the Mi Band 4 is a better solution. Well, I am just having fun here... but, I don't know which one is more correct! I don't care - I am happy no matter what!

There are way more exercising options in the newest Mi Band, and that is useful for those who do sports or training that wasn't supported in the earlier version of the band. So, when I use an elliptical trainer, I can now start the activity on the Mi Band and it will show me the length, burned calories, and so on when I am finished!

Not a big upgrade at all...

However, I have got to say that I don't feel as if the Mi Band 5 was a big upgrade at all. The bigger screen, some more activities added, the chance for women to measure they monthly "cycle", and some more... it doesn't add up to me. I big upgrade would have been to add a GPS to the smart watch, making you able to track your running without bringing your phone along. Or to make the battery even better, to add NFC support, and stuff like that.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 conclusion!

I still love the band, but if I had to choose between a Mi Band 4 costing me 30 USD and a Mi Band 5 costing me 50 USD, then I would easily have gone for the Mi Band 4 instead. They are both amazing devices, but I don't feel as if the newer version is worth the difference in price!

I hope you have found this little Mi Band 5 review useful. Have you used the band, or some other smart band? I would love to hear your thoughts if you have!

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Hi @unbiasedwriter
I love technology and Xiaomi is currently giving a lot to talk about with its very innovative equipment.
Currently in Venezuela the market is very covered with Xiaomi brand equipment, especially equipment that is low-end and very accessible for many Venezuelans....

Hello friend @unbiasedwriter
Almost always the later versions are not of the best quality, I think they are more to get some extra money, something that also happens with cell phones, many have even worse quality, only that people get carried away by fashion and the new.