Using the Xiaomi MI Band 4 - Is it worth it? What about MI Band 5?

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Smartwatches and smart bands are getting more and more popular, and the fact that they not only show you what time it is, but also makes you able to receive notifications, count the number of steps you make, check your pulse, receive warnings (if your pulse gets too high), and even give you information about your sleep, is making sure that such smart bands and smartwatches are used by more and more people.

Personally, I have been using the MI Band 4 from Xiaomi for quite a while, and I thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences right here. This is also important, because the MI Band 5 will be released just any day (the global version), and many people will for sure read about it, hear about it, and maybe even want to buy one. So, is it worth it?

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Pictures of the upcoming MI Band 5 from Xiaomi - Picture from Banggood

What is the price of a Xiaomi MI Band 4 (and 5)

The price of the Xiaomi MI Band 4 which I have been using for a while is approximately 30 USD. But, with the new version being released, I guess the price of the MI Band 4 will drop quite soon, and the expected price of the new band will be around 35-45 USD.

All in all, that isn't a fortune, so it isn't the biggest of investments, but still, it can feel like a lot for those living in poorer countries.

But, is it worth it? What can the band do for you?

What can such a smartwatch do for you?

My main motivations for buying a smartwatch was the ability to check the time, to count the number of steps I make, and also the ability to see my sleep patterns.

These are all functions that will work by themselves, all you need to do is to wear the clock and install the MI Fit application on your mobile device. The number of steps can be seen on the display of the watch, while the sleeping patterns can only be seen in the application.

You can also use it and receive notifications about messages you receive on your phone from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, and more.

When you go for a run, it can follow your pulse even more closely, and if you turn on the GPS signal on your phone (and bring it along on the ride), it will register how much you run, where you run, and other data. It can also be used to measure other activities such as walking, swimming, and so on.

Once again, considering that the price for the brand new MI Band 5 is only 39 USD at the moment, makes this a good value purchase for maybe the most popular smart band in the world at the moment.

My own thoughts after using the MI Band

First of all, I am checking my email all day along. I check the cryptocurrency charts to find out how my favorite cryptos are moving. I write articles, and I get messages on my phone. I had one thing set before I got the Smart Band... I DO NOT WANT TO USE IT TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS. As a result, I have never really used it. I do not want to get even more busy checking messages and seeing such kind of stuff on my watch. It is tragic enough that I check my mobile for such stuff all day, but if I would use my watch as well to receive such notifications, that would be a disaster.

It can, of course, be useful, but I have avoided this part.

Instead, I have been using the smart band to measure steps, follow sleep patterns, and also for some other stuff.

Measuring activity with the smartwatch!

This is one of my favorite things about the device (besides the fact that it tells me what the time is). It is really useful to see how much you are actually moving around. A healthy person should walk at least 8000 steps a day, but if you work in front of a computer screen, this is something few people achieve. Such a smart device will help you realize that you are not moving enough, and hopefully, inspire you to walk more. I would say that it is fairly accurate. Of course, if you carry a baby around, then it will often count way more activity than what is the reality, and if you push a trolley with a kid in, then it doesn't always measure your steps. But, if you just walk normally or run normally, then I would say that it is very accurate.

Use it as your wake-up clock

I didn't realize this before I bought it, but I have really enjoyed the function of the alarm on my clock. I am able to set three different alarms on the device, and these can be set to go off on weekdays, every day, and so on. Whenever the alarm goes off, the smartwatch starts to shake. It doesn't give any sound, so this is perfect for those who want to wake up in the morning without waking up the others in the room.

This has been really useful for me. However, if I had a very important meeting the next day and wanted to be 100% sure that I would wake up, then I wouldn't trust the device. It has happened to me many times that I have managed to stop the vibrating on my clock (the alarm) without even noticing that it has been vibrating. As a result, not the most trustworthy wake-up clock in the universe, but in general, it has helped me a lot.

How well do I sleep?

One of my most beloved functions was the sleeping pattern ability. Here the watch will notice when you fall asleep and based on your pulse and so, it will tell you when you slept deep when you had light sleep, and when you woke up. I was almost obsessed with this function for the first months and looked forward to seeing the stats every morning. But, recently I haven't given this so much attention. After all, I know when I go to bed and I know when I wake up. If I feel tired, I guess I should have slept more, and if I feel awake, then I guess I had a good night's sleep. It still comes to me as a cool function, but I don't do daily check-ups on it anymore.

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The Xiaomi MI Band 4 - Picture from Banggood

Great at tracking your exercising

The exercising functions have also come in handy to me. You can even tell the device to warn you if your pulse gets too high, something that can be useful for those who count it important that their pulse stays below a certain level in order for them to keep up with their activity for a long time. It is also nice that you in the application later can follow your activities, track improvements, and keep an easy count of how much you have been exercising the last week or month.

Fantastic battery time

One more surprising fact is the fact that my battery is managing to stay alive for more than 20 days on one charge. That is simply fantastic, and I love it! Of course, if you set the pulse test to run more frequently and so, it will drain your battery faster.

Is the MI Smart Band worth the money?

I have greatly enjoyed the MI Band 4, but even though I have enjoyed it, I have already ordered the MI Band 5, simply because it is supposed to improve the quality of the screen, the pulse measuring system, the tool to measure your steps, and it will be able to work with even more training activities.

As you probably understand, I really do like my smart band!

Are you using a smart band? Are you enjoying it?

I hope this article has helped you a bit! Maybe you have learned something new today? Do you have any questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!

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One of my friends gave me relatively negative feedback about this product.

What did they say? What was the problem?

Yeah the smart watch helps to monitor alot of things as you have listed. And you are so right about the fact that it can be expensive in some poorer countries as I can relate to that statement.

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Looking at the functions compared to the price, I don't think it is worth buying

Well, in a way, I feel exactly the opposite. But, I guess it all depends on the prices we are used to from our surroundings as well.

Hello dear @unbiasewriter, it seems to be a good device, very useful. I was wondering if it is used to measure blood pressure? It would be great if I could do this ... What do you say?

There are some smartbands able to do so, but it is really crappy... It is not available with the mi band 4, nor with the new version, probably because it is hard to measure blood pressure well with such a device.