The beauty of Artificial Intelligence & Spotify!

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Yesterday I was out for a 3,5km walk with my family in the forest. It was a beautiful trip and we enjoyed the surroundings, the quietness, and life itself. During the walk, we complained about the fact that we are not allowed to travel and hire accommodation anywhere due to Covid. But, then one of my kids said that what's important is that we are together, not where we are... That felt good to hear!

We were tired as we returned to the car, and I launched Spotify and started to listen to classical music... That might not sound like a perfect choice if you have kids in the car, but as they have been dancing some Just Dance (a game where they move in front of the TV or screen and try to do the same dance movements as they see on the screen), they actually new the three songs from my classical music playlist on Spotify...


The beauty of AI

But, what happened when we had listened to the three songs on my playlist? Spotify started to recommend and auto-play new songs, based on what I had listened to earlier. And guess what... the artificial intelligence of Spotify was amazing. During a trip that lasted for 30 minutes, Spotify managed to play me songs that I was thinking of in my head, but that I hadn't added to any list before. But, I guess based on the habits of other people listening to the same songs that I did (the three songs I had added to my list), they clearly new which other songs I would enjoy, and thus, they decided to play me those songs.

I have experienced this a couple of times before as well, and it is actually awesome when you feel like Spotify is picking songs for you that you really love and enjoy, but that you have forgotten to add to your playlists.

And that is the beauty of AI.

Yes, when a computer, a game, an application, or so on knows what you will like and enjoy, and thus it helps you find songs and games and websites that you will like and enjoy. And I believe this is more and more a part of the future. It might be scary at times thinking that a computer might know you better than yourself (almost), but it is the direction in which life is going.

And yes, it reminds me of a TV series that I have just streamed on Netflix, The One... I will post a review of the series soon!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


You know wHAT, your kids were right, its important you guys are spending quality time together, rather than where you are, that was so well said.

I actually don't know what to say, its scary, but its helpful I guess. I don't remember names of so many songs I like, lazy to search, this might be helpful.

Sometimes in this macpro my bro got, a guy voice asks if if I need help...SIRI... anyway.

It is for sure helpful that Spotify knows what I like even without me remembering the song names (that is especially helpful with classical music in which I am very uneducated)!! :)

By the way, my kid was extremely right about his saying... a true highlight during our trip!

Hello @lunbiasedwriter, the example you share of artificial intelligence and Spotify for the updated selection of the music of your preference, shows us how it has increased its use in equipment, services and applications that we use in our home or work.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more part of our daily lives.

Thanks for sharing, best regards

Absolutely turning into a normal part of our lives. Scary somehow, but also good when you just think of the benefits!

AI is the best technology that human has produced. With this technology we are making huge progress in terms of manufacturing and science. Soon we can see AI will rule the technology world.

Yeah, it is getting more and more normal and going mainstream... Still, feels a bit scary, but I guess everything new feels and sounds scary somehow!

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