Technology for hindering drone abuse!

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Drones are getting more and more normal, and it is no longer just the toy of rich boys/men. It is still a toy for many, but drones are also being used by businesses, photographers, videomakers, and we will also see it used by companies such as Amazon and more in the near future, used to deliver packages even faster.

In other words, drones will for sure be an important part of our future. In fact, I just heard about how drones are used in Hungary to help people in need. What do I mean?

Saving lives with drones

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe, and every year, there are people dying in the sea due to different things happening. The guards by the sea have already implemented drones to help people, and if people are in need, they have drones that can fly to find the person, throw a life-ring to the person, and send messages to the person via loudspeaker. Isn't that just a beautiful way to use technology for something good?

Drones can also cause trouble

It might be nice when drones can help protect and save lives. But, you have probably also heard about great delays at airports due to drones flying around causing trouble for the traffic. Drones have also been reported flying over areas where they are not allowed to be, making photos, and thus, intruding private property. But, what can be done to protect us all from this?

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Protection from drones with bad intentions

What I am about to share is mostly deals of the future, and it is not something for private persons. But, it is technology already being shaped, and that will be used by governments, airports, and other high-level institutions in the future.

1. Invisible walls

They are already working hard at developing so-called invisible walls. They will do exactly what you would expect an invisible wall to do - it will hinder drones from passing through them. This can help airports and properties steer clear of drones, and thus, secure their own areas and traffic and more.

2. Drone failure

I am not really sure what to call this, but technology has already been created that should come as a flash sent into the air that will make all drones within a certain radius simply stop working and fall to the ground. There will for sure be hackers and people with malicious intentions that will be able to bypass such signals, but still, the technology is already being worked on and has already been tested.

3. Drone fishing

The third tool to catch drones is what I call drone fishing. Can you imagine a super drone, just more powerful than all the other drones? Whenever this super-drone discovers other drones, it simply flies to catch them and throws a big net at them. It is just like fishing, but instead of cod and salmon, it is time to catch drones.

drone catching ddrones.jpg

4. Drone Guns

Did you see the image in the start of the article? That is a drone gun, created to shoot down drones nearby. It doesn't really shoot them, but it takes control over the device and the people with the gun can make sure that the drone is sent down to the soil where he can take control fo the device manually.

It might look like something from the future, but it is already here and it is part of the services provided by the people at I just discovered that website myself, and it is quite crazy seeing all the tools they have in order to help prisons, military, airports, maritime and vessels, oil and gas mining facilities,

Drones will have a big part in our future, but considering how drones also can cause trouble and danger, it is important to work on defense solutions against drones as well.

I hope you have found this article to be interesting and useful. I will pay attention to this in the future, as it is a topic I believe will get more and more in focus.

Do you have any thoughts on the topic? I would love to hear from you!

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there are parts where they use eagles to capture small drones, it's great
good article

I agree with many things that have to do with technology, as long as they are for positive things, but the reality is that many have taken advantage of their knowledge in it to commit or do evil and obviously it is something that must be neutralized. I think that's great!

you are right about that... all things can be used for good and evil, that is the everlasting question of the human race, what do we decide to do with what we have been given!

That is impressive bit of info @unbiasedwriter I had no idea about the drone guns and the fact that they are saving lives is indeed good news.
Though the information about "Drone fishing" reminds me about white pigeons which would fly and lead a large number of pigeons to the owner of the white pigeon.
I wonder would the captured drones via Drone fishing be reusable as drones with new flying consoles.

I am sure that the captured drones would be useable, and those with tools and resources to have a drone capturing drone throwing nets, will for sure have the resources to get a working controller for the drone they capture as well :)

@unbiasedwriter drones are the future technology. We are seeing them in every field from security to delivery. Sooner our world be like adopted to drones only for every small work.

I look forward to receiving my first package delivered with drone technology :)