How do you interpret what you see? The mouse on SpaceX - or was it a mouse?

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We all know that Donald Duck is the most famous duck on the planet. But, the most famous mouse doesn't have a name, and it is also debated whether or not it actually is a mouse. So, what is the truth?

If you have no clue what I am writing about, then it is time for you to watch the following video from the SpaceX launch, that is, as SpaceX is already out in space, when suddenly something is moving outside the rocket. What is moving? Is it a rodent (a mouse)?

The video is a long one, so jump to between 4:12:46 and 4:13:25 in the clip above and see for yourself.

You see the images yourself. But, what is the truth?

How do you interpret what you see?

It is interesting when you give the same recording to a large group of people. Everyone sees the same, but when we are finished watching, everyone will say something else. What do I mean? It is all based on the presumptions you have before you actually get the information.

What do I mean?
I have a friend who believes the earth is flat and that traveling to space is just junk and crap and scam. So, his first comment is that a mouse in space proves that it is all recorded in a studio in Hollywood. So, he is really happy about the mouse-like creature, because it proves him right.

I am not very interested in space travel myself, even though I would love to fly around inside a spacecraft ones and experience what it is like to jump from one side to another inside a spacecraft... But, when I watch the recording I clearly see a mouse. But, I also see lots of questions... What is the mouse really doing there? How could it have survived all the way from the earth and then suddenly walk outside the rocket out in space?

As a result, I search for other explanations to the question. I do believe they are out in space, so there has to be a more logical explanation. In other words, my paradigm makes it impossible for this really to be a mouse, and thus, some people will say that I am brainwashed and packed with preconceived opinions not based on reality. However, for those who don't believe in space travel, they come with the presumption that this is all impossible, meaning that they will always look for a different way to explain what they see.

Is this really just oxygen?

Many will say that this is just frozen oxygen moving around and that it is a quite common phenomenon out in space.

The person who first tweeted about the event and showed a recording of what he had just seen wrote as follows: "Looks like a MOUSE hitchhiked a ride on Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket launch today!" - "the mouse showed a truly amazing ability to withstand heat!"

mouse in space.jpg

So, if it was out in space, it most likely isn't a mouse - simply because the mouse wouldn't be able to walk around there due to the heat, cold, engine, and all the other stuff.

It has also been commented that we have seen similar stuff on earlier space recordings, and someone actually accused Elon Musk of just showing an old recording at this very point.

What is the conclusion?

I don't have a conclusion. I only have a whole lot of questions. But, it all proves that we all have to explain reality and what we see based on our own presumptions and paradigms. A person always tries to explain reality based on their own "rules", and thus, this is a perfect example of how we all try to explain something we have seen based on what we believe.

In an earlier article on writing, someone said that Elon Musk is way too famous, and he would risk too much showing fake content and not doing this stuff for real. That sounds reasonable to me as well. But, I guess others will say that a rich person like him, can fake anything and still get away with it, as he is so powerful.

What do you PH friends think?

Once again, it is important to teach how to think and not necessarily what to think. We need a generation of thinkers, and we also need to be able to think outside the box. But, does that mean that we have to question everything?

I would love to hear your thoughts everyone. And if anyone has some thoughts on the possible mouse in space on SpaceX, please share your thoughts as well...

One last thought on the mouse...

If you search Google for information, you will find VERY LITTLE. No information and almost no articles has been posted on the topic. What is causing this? Is it all just some fake recording of something, not worth any attention? Why hasn't NASA nor SpaceX come with any information? Is it all just stupid and not worth mentioning? Or is it so important that they just "silence" the topic by not writing about it?

Once again, I would say that they probably don't mention it because it is just stupidity and not worth thinking about.

But once again, let me hear your thoughts!

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very controversial post.Interesting and I think that it's definitely an object that due to physical laws we don't know, it manifests itself.

Yeah, it is hard to know what is true and what is reality... and fun to think of pros and cons and do ones best to discover what is the truth and the reality.

"have a friend who believes the earth is flat and that traveling to space is just junk and crap and scam"

I guess I and your friend are in the same believe. I believe travelling to space is scam and come to think of it, is it possible to even think of traveling to space?

I can actually accept people to believe it, but there are so many questions coming to my mind when I hear about that. How do satellites work if there is so no space and satellites moving around the earth? And so on... But, I guess I am limited by my own paradigm and way of thinking.

I keep my mouth open with this, I do not know where to start, I like conspiracy theories and this gives us talk

Yeah, they for sure give us a lot to think about, but I am afraid that they often cause fear in people and skepticism towards things that are good and helping (for example, vaccines).