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greetings to all the community I hope you have good energy today, in this article I want to share an application that left me amazed by the capacity it has and the utility that can be given in the day to day, I hope you like it and You can integrate it into your day to day because from my point of view is a wonderful application which is constantly improving, if you like the article you can leave a valuable comment

A couple of days ago I was talking to some friends and one of them told me in a surprised way that there is an application that can find any music just by singing or humming the lyrics, he mentioned that the application is an excellent option when I don't know a complete song, so I immediately downloaded it and it is nothing more than the "google assistant", when I had it on my phone I started to explore its functions and these were the ones that surprised me the most.

  • With the command "teach me English" you can activate the translation mode automatically and you can have fluent conversations with the google assistant, this may seem simple but for people who are learning English or any language it is an invaluable tool to use on a daily on the other hand the speed of the translations is really amazing not to mention that the assistant corrects and suggests better translations in real time.

  • With the command "good morning" you can receive information about the latest news that is happening in the world "can be configured to receive custom news", if you configure it to receive news from the world of coins you can be informed of all the news concerning the world of coins, personally I invest in projects on the poloniex platform so being informed of the news allows me to make good decisions to invest, no doubt this function is worth keeping in mind.

  • finally with the command "tell me a joke" the assistant is activated in funny mode, I know it may not sound serious but I remind you that I live in a country where bad news is a daily occurrence so having a bit of humour in the morning helps me to have a good day all day, I love to have fun and I think humour is a key part of my day so a function like this makes my day.

in conclusion I recommend you to install the application which you can find in the google app shop, after downloading it, try the different functions to make your day more productive, you will not regret it, with the application you can learn a new language and keep abreast of developments in the world of coins and all "with a simple voice command", finally if you already use the app you can leave in the comments the commands that you consider useful, thanks for reading the article, I wish you a wonderful day.


It is a very interesting and quite useful option, as well as the option to translate from one language to another simultaneously on Android phones.

Technology offers us many possibilities and opens our minds to new spaces, to be able to have new ideas and be able to achieve great things.

I dream of the day of having a powerful computer where I can take advantage of all these genius.

Thanks for sharing this interesting information.

Good morning friend, I did not know that we could get so many options with this application, interesting. Thank you.

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I can't even get used to search smth in google with voice commands. Still prefer to use fingers. It was still interesting to read about this app.

the assistant is much more useful than the google search version, it is more like siri or alexa. :-)

Hello friend, really very useful this application, I did not know it had these uses, to practice English is very good. Thanks for the information.

I don't know why I haven't heard about it before, but amazing I want to give it a try, and thanks for sharing with us!

I did know it could find songs but I didn't know about the other features, definitely going to download it. Thanks

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