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RE: I have decided to give something more... WTF is this?!

in Project HOPElast year

I am pretty new to this community and I am like you I knew this project existed before but I didn't really see it.
It's been great so far. Welcome to the community!


I have been posting on this project community some times in the past... but with all the COVID thing, lots changed in life. Plus since the beginning of the year, other things changed too. So quite crazy to have some free time to for example write these comments even.

The good part is that I can write them from the phone... but doing posts from the phone is not comfortable to me. I need a real Keyboard!

I can relate SO much with this comment. I realized there is so much I want to do and so few time... Kind of s cary :D. Great post, very positive and pushing away all the negativity that we all know occurs here ! Kudos to you :D