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The holy book (Bible) advises us to 'cast our bread on many waters' because you do not know which will grow and which will not. There is also a saying that says that we should not put our eggs in one basket. This simply implies that it is imperative and advisable to always invest in several businesses or ventures that have potentials to yield profits for the investor. In business as well, this strategy is adopted and practiced by many.


Late in 2019, yet another crytpo blogging platform called UPTRENND was being launched and it was founded by a Canadian crypto entrepreneur Jeff Kirdekis. The platform is said to be more than just another social network as it is a "social media with the users in mind." It is collective declaration of support for individual empowerment. On Uptrennd, personal data is respected and users who provide value actually receive their fair share of it back.

Uptrennd is a platform that rewards you for your creative contributions in form of original and interesting post/articles and constructive comments on other people's write-up. Every time a member’s post or comment is upvoted, they receive rewards. The higher a member's level, the more rewards they can earn. At level one, members earn one token per upvote. Upvoting is free. The coin distributed on Uptrennd is 1UP.

The Uptrennd platform believes that;

  • your voice deserves to be heard,
  • your time deserves to be valued,
  • your privacy has the right to be secure.

A very interesting feature of Uptrennd is that there are no whales, no staking power, no variation in upvoting power. Every member has the same voting power but the number of points (tokens) you get per upvote increases as your level (reputation) increases. There are levels from 1 to 30 (or more). For example; you upvote someone that is on level one, the persons gets 1 point but if you vote someone that is on level 2, he gets 1.1 points.

Furthermore, Uptrennd has four foundational pillars for its operations and they are highlighted below;

Distribution of Wealth
Like stated earlier, the Uptrennd platform believes that your time deserves to be valued and more so, you should be paid for your passions. Whether you are posting, commenting, or even reading, on Uptrennd, you earn. Every time your post or comment gets upvoted, you earn. The higher your level, the more you will earn. Uptrennd is a movement to shift the wealth and power from corporations, back to the people.

Freedom of Speech
Secondly, Uptrennd believes in free speech. Our world is meant for diversity and diversity of opinions and voices is what makes us unique. The platform believes you should be able to freely voice your opinions. It is of the school of thoughts and believe system that companies should not censor based on their subjective opinions and biases.

Equality of Opportunity
Uptrennd opines that algorithms should be transparent and fair. It allows for new users to get just as much visibility as older users. On uptrennd, quality should is more important than seniority. Opportunity to earn and to be seen is equal on the platform.

Data Security
Data is not collected or privacy invaded on the platform. Your personal life is your business.

How can you get rewarded on Uptrennd?

You get rewarded on Uptrennd in terms of upvotes. The value of each upvote depends on the level where you are. Note, 1UP is the currency of Uptrennd.

If you are in level 1, 1 upvote = 1 1UP token. That means if you have 10 upvotes you have 10 1UPs. The value increases with 0.1 point per each level;

1 upvote in level 2 = 1.1 1UP token,
1 Upvote I level 3 = 1.2 1UP,
1 Upvote I level 4= 1.3 1UP,
1 Upvote I level 3 = 1.2 1UP,
1 Upvote is 2 1UP tokens in level 11 and so on.

I would like to point out that people can also downvote posts or comments, this measure is anonymous and it’s been implemented to guarantee quality and honesty of any post.

The First Uptrennd Halvening happens in less two weeks from the day of this article.

What are waiting for? Join this new era of social media. Sign up and start earning via the link below:


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Hi @Tomlee, thanks for penning this. Uptrennd seems to be an amazing social place. Looks cool there seeing the emergence of more crypto-backed social logging , but what's the scalability of 1Up, what about the utility of the token?

hi @tomlee

interesting platform, but what is the value of 1 up currently?And what exchanges is it listed on? Those 2 questions are key, and on the other hand it is very important that New blogging platforms are emerging.

I have never heard about that. Is there marketplace for the token?

@tipu curate

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That new alternative sounds good.
I ask which exchange accepts it, or even that crypto is not in the market ... what do you know about it.

It is on Idex..
It is still a new project so it is advisable to join now.