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RE: To mine or to stake that is the question

in Project HOPE10 months ago

I had not considered the difference between the two. I have some miners and I also stake the tokens I receive, so there is currently income from both sources. However, I had not considered that the miner income would decrease over time as opposed the the staking income increasing. Thank you for bringing this important contrast to the forefront.

I also like the point about the "index" type tokens. I have recently begun investing in those types of tokens and like the fact that they will continue to pay out dividends passively. I will continue to invest in these types of tokens, as well.


The big advantage of tokens like index is that they combine income from staking and mining and because of the size the mining will become significant. With a handfull of miners, over time the probability to reach a payout will more or less be close to zero.

Thanks a lot for your comment!


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