Replacing Jobs by AI.

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In this era where AI is developing at this insane rate, autmation is logically possible in anything. According to a recent forecast in UK over 1.4M jobs there could be replaced by automation this year alone!

Recently in the Google CEO quoted that by the year 2025 more than 50% of their employees would have to upskill their work to stay updated with tech, If we look at a perspective, where AI updates itself compared to human's It's understandable how AI can replace human's at jobs.

Employees need to change their mindset,the future of work is already here and the introduction of tech does not affect work uniformly .We must acknowledge where its complements in currently existing work and start investing in targeted reskilling approach that recognises the new roles technology is creating and ensure human machine labour complements one another.
Doing this will increase not only increase capacity, productivity but also help businesses evolve. This will help buisness making thier employees morally responsible and financially beneficial .Which leads to a digitally adept workforce for the future!

A U.K Workforce Forecast report says that they expects 4.8 percent of work equivalent to 1.4 Million full time roles to be automated over the next 12 months.

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Throughout the year even ordinary downturns tend to increase automation, but the new condition created by Covid-19 ,where there is a need to reduce human interaction in public directly leads to increase in automation in the current system. In person labour is becoming very expensive since most of the work that only humans can perform need high skill requirements as well the safety is compromised especially in this pandemic where theres a high chance of getting infected during in person labour. If they use AI there is not much risk in such situations.

I would like to conclude by saying that AI would not only take jobs but also give new jobs because according to a research over 380,000 jobs would be created in UK alone on introduction of a new Technology. Lets focus on how AI can augment human jobs than replace them!

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A very interesting post, thanks for publishing.

A real problem is that automation actually removes "middle class" work (maybe an incorrect use of term though). High quality positions (like doctors, engineers and etc) are safe for now. Lowest level like janitor is also safe. Jobs in the middle like cashiers, workers on assembly lines and etc. are the most vulnerable to be replaced by automation.

Yup thats very true, As more and more AI is integrated into the society .The middle class work life may be affected greatly .We need to come up with solutions where these people can maybe get new jobs such as developing AI because if AI is gonna replace jobs we will need people to maintain it as well as for designing such devices etc.

I think people need to adapt and take that as an opportunity to learn new skills.

yup it will be a new phase where the way how everyone is working currently will completely change and they will have to learn new skills in order to survive.