Facial Recognition! How does it work?

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Facial Recognition! How does it work?

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Facial recognition is a way of recognising human face(nowdays even animal's) via technology. It basically uses biometrics to map facial features in the form of an image. Based on the information it gets from the biometrics it compares it with the database for a match. It can help you identify a person's identity but this way it leads to privacy as well as security issues.If you worried about your privacy you probably want to keep in check on how and whwre your data is being used.

Facial recognition will have a humongous markey cap of over 7.7 B$ by the year 2022 .Its used from marketing to surveillance.

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How exactly does facial recognition work?
We humans usually recognise the people we know by thier key features like eyes,nose..mouth... etc.Thats exactly how a facial recognition system works too! but on a algorithmic scale .So basically we see a face but the face recognition system sees "data".

The working of face recognition:
These steps vary, but usually these are basic steps applied everywhere.

✓A picture of your face is taken ,your face may be a close up or far away ,maybe even in a crowd. But the image needs to be clear in oder for it to scan the data accurately.

✓The facial recognition reads the geometry of the face in the form of data, Such as the distace between you 👀 and forehead, distance between your chin and 👀.The software identifies about 70 landmarks approximately which leads to creating a unique key to distinguish your face^^.

✓Your unique key (facial signature) is basically now a mathematical formula in a database. In a recent report we get to know that over 412 Million facial images is accessible to the FBI.

✓ If your facial signature or the key matches to other image in the database then the determination is done based on it.

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Do hackers really want to steal your face(data)?
If your face can used to commit a fraud or used for framing you.They probably can or will steal your data.To prevent it we can install various security softwares in our device's. Also companies such as Facebook and Google allow gou to 'opt-out' of thier facial recognition system.

Hope you learnt something new^^ .Lemme know your thoughts on this technology in the comments!

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