5th Generation Networking (5G) How big is the difference?

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5th generation networking is on its way in the next few years promising superfast speeds,It is expected to revolutionize mobile networking as well as create new economic opportunity.It is also termed as '5G' ,it is expected to bring big change in Mobile networking by providing way higher download speeds as well as real time data sharing .

This year many Mobile operators have started to roll out thier first trials of 5G and also provide 5G accessibility to thier new device's.This is future proofing the device in a way. Verizon has activated commercial 5G for the first time in the United States, as have Swisscom and Ericsson in Switzerland, with other 5G-enabled areas live in China, Japan, Australia and Norway.

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⚡How exactly does 5G work?
5G utilises a new radio interface and various new technology ,where it basically converts bytes to data units over air. It uses much higher radio frequency compared to 4G (28Ghz compread to 700-2.5kMhz in 4G)This frequency enables 5G to transfer more data at even more high speeds with reduced congetion and low latency.

The new interface 5G utilises is the millimetre wave spectrum, which enables the wave to be utilised within a graphical area. So basically it can provide more internet access per unit area. Currently 4G can support around 4000 devices per kilometre area but 5G utilising this technology can provide over a million Users per kilometre area.This means more higher internet speed even in normal browsing, youtube, streaming etc in limited space.It also utilises technology such as MIMO which stands for 'Muntiple Input Muntiple Output' ,Which basically uses muntiple
beams to spotlight users at a cell site increasing cell speed and coverage whereas current technology use floodlight where there a lot of wastage.

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⚡5G work in terms of bandwidth, latency and spectrum
Every operator owns blocks of spectrum which is a range of electromagnetic radio frequencies used to transmit sound, data, and video across a country. The spectrum is summed up to create thier network capacity and this determines the speed of data transfer.
For example an opertaor may have 100MHz of entire spectrum for all of its customers but eventually 5G would make it 1000Mhz .This is the real change with 5G!

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⚡5G vs 4G⚡
Compered to third generation network '3G' , 4G enables various impossible tasks that 3G coudnt accomplish such as video streaming, calling on the go and even watching like tv at the same time but now 4G is reaching its technical limits on how much data it can transfer across blocks of spectrum.This leads to low no. of network bars which even makes it difficult to just browse in over populated areas.

5G's biggest differentiator of of 4G will be The internet of things connected to world at scale .Later iterations of 5G network are going to revolutionize smart cities,industries etc. Overall 5G has a lot of advantages over 4G such as high speeds, less latency ,better efficiency , less interference and even more users per unit area.

⚡ Conclusion
Compared to 3G , 4G has a very big difference but 4G compared to 5G has even more tremendous difference in data transfer speeds as well as efficiency. 5G will definitely revolutionalse this decade ,with such speeds our work would be completed much much faster compared to how long it would take with 4G nerwork. 5G will lead us closer to the next phase of evolution.

I hope you learnt something new from this post ,lemme know your thoughts in the comments ^^



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State-of-the-art technology is very impressive, but I think the harms outweigh the benefits. Work must be done to find a way not to cause harm to animals, to the environment and from people.

And once this has been studied, this technology should have been implemented, at the moment I think it is not necessary that we have it or use it.

Yup currently its best for companies to wait for scientists as well as developers to come up with ways to negate the side -effects of 5G and then launch it.

Positive reviews of 5G technology alone. I like it too, but there are more negatives of this technology that you didn't mention. Do you know what effect changing frequencies has on birds in the air? Do you know how 5G affects people? 5G is a military technology. Many 5G bills in Poland have passed across the table in the darkness of pandemonium and have been signed into law. The question is do we need 5G that much?

Your point is very true , my objective on this post was to explain how the working of 5G is in comparison to previous technology . Yes 5G according to the ongoing research on long exposure is very harmful ....it may also lead to cancers and various other skin diseases but upto my knowledge 5G will not completely replace 4G it will probably be utilised when that sort of speed would be required.As a software student I think we require such speed but not all the time it depends on the work we have . Personally I think until we find means to avoid these side-effects we should refrain from using 5G.