Technological advancement is the bedrock of human civilization

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The world is an ever changing space where humans continue to experiment as well as push the boundaries of creation. Curiosity is the primary requirement for every invention, and just like the saying goes; curiosity is the father of all inventions. Any man who ever created a thing was at the time unsatisfied with whatever was on offer and so, desire for more is always the fuel that drives experimentation which eventually may result in an invention. Today, our world has known several inventions and creations that has seemingly bettered the lives of humans, as a matter of fact, some have even aided in the creation of humans as in the case of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF). Technology is constantly advancing and you cannot but ask the question of when or where will it all end?

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It goes without saying that technological advancement is the bedrock of human civilization and as these technologies gets more sophisticated, human civilization will continue to evolve. Ask yourself, has technology and all of its advancements which brought us civilization bettered the world? In the real sense of it, are we really enjoying a better living than our great grand parents did?

Now I'm being careful not to be so carried away by all of this modern glitter that technology has introduced, just as I'm being careful not to allow myself slip into archaic rein from the tales I've been told or read about. You're abreast of all today's finese that technology has contributed so I'd not dwell on those, instead I'd paint you a little picture of old time living and I'd let you decide which is better.

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Just recently, I visited my hometown and I spotted an area where earth was dug from. Apparently, this portion was where most families within that neighborhood fetched clay to build their houses then. I was marveled and so I asked further, how did they do it? Then I was told that the young fellows amongst them at the time would gather and fetch enough clay and they'd build for their families in turns. More like a group of boys taking turns to build their houses together, the labour was collective and that was how they built their houses then.

In those times, the craze to have so much money wasn't this intense as we see today, there was really no much glitter that necessitated the hunger for so much money. These glitters that technology has today introduced wasn't a thing for them to acquire. For whatever they needed, they could get from their neighbors, their environment or their farms. All they needed do was to give something in return that their neighbor might need - barter exchange. Their herbs was very effective and so they didn't see any need for medicinal drug. Farming was clearly what they relied on for their everyday living and they lived quite well with it. They drank, washed and bathed with stream water for as long as they lived. Need I remind you, they had long life span as most of the things they ate then was freshly sort from their farms. For most of their lives, a large number of them trekked all through, something you can maybe attribute to exercising.

For all of the better experiences that technology has contributed to the life of humans, above all is strive. Technology is not cheap and humans are constantly wanting to advance with every new development of it, the very reason why we continue to do all sorts in a bid to be up-to-date. Jealousy, envy, want are all fruits of technology, it has put man in constant competition with his fellow, a battle of "I'm more sophisticated then you're"

When and where does it really en? Ponder!


As long as human existence continues, technology will continue to surface. This tool will continue to educate, prosper and better our lives on the go. It won't be ending soon, the world has not seen 2% of technology that will be birthed. Keep advancing and making good use of them.

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Hello friend, I agree, technology will exist as long as man exists, although soon we will surely see robots wanting to replace everything we do and maybe history will change in a few decades. I think that everything has its positive and negative side, but certainly we have been able to benefit a lot.

Nice one. Everything has its I agree with you. But life today can only be lived by those who live today.

Those who lived in the past wouldn't be able to cope with a lot we cope with today.

Yeah you are right. Thanks for sharing

Yeah you are right. Thanks for sharing

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