Automation and Its Effect on the Worker

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Good evening friends,

Today I am here to talk to you about a pressing concern of mine. Automation. It is a benign word at first glance, and many would associate it with optimization and better use of manpower. But the truth of automation is a very dangerous thing that will disrupt our lifestyles in the coming years.


What really happens with automation is the replacement of a human worker with a machine. This can have many benefits for the company trying to produce a product or service, including saving time, money, and more efficiently allocating their resources. However, there is another effect. Job loss. Because the robot worker is cheaper to employ than the human, he will be hired in place of the human worker.

This is already beginning to happen in our societies. In the UK, it is estimated that up to 1.4 million jobs will be automated this year.


That's 1.4 million people sitting idle, most likely with families depending on them. This can only lead to massive upheaval and societal unrest.

Automation has also been amplified by the pandemic. Because of the economic strain placed on businesses, many have been forced to accelerate the process of replacing human workers.


This trend is likely to continue. It's important that we speak up while we still can, and encourage our leaders to do something about this. Otherwise, there will be consequences.



Many people fear the automation. They fear that they lose their jobs. But automation is probably leading us to a future, where people do not need jobs. If it will be done right, the machines will do everything we need, so it probably should not be a concern.

Right - but this is only if it is done correctly. On its current course, it looks like robots will replace human workers and corporations will reap all the profits. That is why governments have to act now about this, and make sure that the worker is also able to take home some of the benefit.

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