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dear @teach-me

Could you please explain why did you copy+paste your content ? Isn't it plagarizm at it's best?


I'm afraid that I will not be able to support your content in the nearest future any more. Just 2 days ago you've read and commented my post about stealing/spinning others people content/work and very same day you did it too.

Could you please provide me with any explanation, which would possibly help me understand why did you take a risk and plagiarize someones else work?


What I have underlined is indeed the source of
Which is for example only.. And I also paste the original URL so it doesn't mislead readers.
If I am no longer eligible for your support, I apologize for this mistake. Thank's to all time

This is just an example that I gave, because it has something to do with CyberSecurity. Is not the point of these posts.

On November 16, 2018, President Trump signed into law the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018. This landmark legislation elevates the mission of the former National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) within DHS and establishes the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA builds the national capacity to defend against cyber attacks and works with the federal government to provide cybersecurity tools, incident response services and assessment capabilities to safeguard the ‘.gov’ networks that support the essential operations of partner departments and agencies.

What Does CISA Do?
CISA is responsible for protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. This mission requires effective coordination and collaboration among a broad spectrum of government and private sector organizations.

  • Comprehensive Cyber Protection
  • Infrastructure Resilience
  • Emergency Communications
  • National Risk Management Center

Dear @teach-me

In that case you should not accept any rewards from publishing this content, since you've just copied+pasted it.

I've noticed that you're blacklisted on HIVE already by spaminator. You will probably soon realize that what you do is very unwanted on Steem/Hive blockchain.

Using someones else content and intelectual property and simply refering to the source means nothing if you're enjoying financial benefits from it. Legally it is forbidden in majority of countries accross the globe.

So please consider those words. You may have a very difficult time on Steemit once you end up on steemcleaners radar (or any other similar services, fighting with plagiarism).

All the best,

Yeah, I'll consider what I've been doing all this time.
Can I still fix all of this, and get your support?

Hello @teach-me

Unfortunately, I'm very basic about some of the technological stuff. That Dark Reading website, I didn't know it, but it's good to know that there is something similar. Just in case you want additional information about something or even if you can bring something up to this platform and discuss it. I'm sure there will be many new things.

Hi @teach-me

I do like reading about cybersecurity, especially the human behaviour elements. It is often what people do which is the weakest link.

I have been reading Schneier for years - highly recommend.

hmm not good. Noted.