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As of last night, the number of Pandemic cases India have surpassed 4 lac figure. India is facing a tough situation with number of cases increasing every day. What I have noticed in last 2-3 days is that the number of cases keep increasing and there are no way it can be controlled. The only good news as far Indian government is concerned is that the death ratio is quite low as compared to other countries.


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Like other country Indian too maintain all the general safety precaution which were advised from the health department. In addition, to keep ourself safer and to keep a track of our movememt, Government of India had launched Aarogya Setu mobile app, which keep a track of our movement. It tracks, if unknowingly, we get into contact of any deceased person. Or in case if we happen to get into red zone areas or so on.

I am one of the 13.31 crore user who were actively using this app to keep ourself safe.
Last night I did few movement and went to market and on returning, I checked on the app status, only to find myself safer. It was green status.


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Not sure how effective it could be in controlling the virus spread. The requirement of running the app is to keep your bluetooth and location of your mobile always on.

Even there is a huge userbase of the app, I hardly feel anyone would be interested in keeping the app running. As people are more worry for the mobile battery rather than own safety. The app is build to easily access your chances of getting affected.

The app considers Bluetooth range as a proximity sensor under which the user can be infected by another Covid-19 positive patient. When two smartphones with the app installed in them come in each other's Bluetooth range the app will exchange information. If one of the user is positive, the other person will be alerted about possibility of being infected.

The app requests for some basic info that will help build data about the users. The information includes age, gender, name, health status and also asks for the countries that the user has been to in the past few weeks. Once the user provides all the details and necessary permission it start functioning at the background.
Moreover the app is beautifully made up of and giving all the necessary requirement to be safer. The app screen keep the status running for you.


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The mobile application is available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. It uses location data to point out people that have come in close proximity with any Covid-19 positive patient.


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It also gives a summary of all the details of deceased cases wherever you are.

As of now, I never experienced getting in contact with any deceased. It will be interestingly to see, how the app behave once it get near to any affected proximity area. I am eager to learn more of the app, and help to understand the actual working.

Stay Home....Stay Safe!!

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Hello... I am keepingcalm and telling you stay away from that privacy infringing app!!

I don't know how you guys even promote such a shit app...

Your privacy is important, also that app won't give you accurate information on covid affected guys, its all shit!! anyway

You seems to have better knowledge about this apps...does it affected you in any way ?? ...or because it is government oriented that taking away privacy...?

In case they are taking away our privacy then others non-indian app must be looting you somehow..or you trust them more? Appss like facebook, whatsapp, googlepay TikTok etc etc...are you rely on them.

It's not about privacy. It's about survaillance and Govt. tracking you where ever you go. In the Indian context its damn dangerous, because you must be aware, Govt. is torturing dissenters.

They won't hesitate to target even small people like you and me if we do even small campaigns against Govt. measures. Muslim people you know, their situation is worst. Allowing a know to know all these details will give Government power over you.

Besides that app is shit I hear, I mean not tested for quality, hack proof etc. I really think it's not reliable.

I don't know about this app, its all what I keep reading about it.

Better don't focus much whatsapp fake msg. Which doesn't do srviluances ? And if you are damn right and correct in your motive then why to bother about it.
My uncle is in I&prd and there is nothing as such....
These r the rumors spread by the muslims....who doesnt want to see India's progress...

No dear... I can only tell you facts, its upto you to understand it. See this video..

I am a informed, intelligent Indian Citizen and I don't get fooled like others do,

May be you are one of the smartest people out there ...or might be the one of them who spread anti modi rumours....good you are safe....😉 ...

Well, take your time. Someday, if you are sane, you will see something in what ever I said. Let's not bring Modiji here...I am too afraid of the consequences(: ...good day.

Yeah yeah....btw govt also keep a track of all the crypto Investors across India...directly or indirectly. I hope you may like to get off from Steem/hive...may be you will get a police notice safe. Lol😂