Loosing the human touch - Pandemic and Drones.

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Let me tell you first thing, I was not a techy or a geek guy that keeps tracking and looking for all the new inventions that comes around. In short I was not a tech enthusiast. But many a times the things and development happening around make me to take much interest on the technology now a days.

It was unbelievable, how life are getting used to it and we are gradually getting dependent on them. Watching TV, Finding Maps, Google Talk etc are few day to day example which made our life more easier and helpful.

No one had ever imagined such a life before except those great minds who are working day and night to make human life easier.



In my early days ,watching few sci-fi Hollywood movies, I did imagined a future where there would be flying cars all around. But before it all happens, the invention of flying Drones just amazed and surprises me a lot.

And more importantly many big corporates houses seeing Drones for home delivery of goods. As the world is yet to recover from the deadly Pandemic, such things looks quite possible. Online shopping and home delivery has already a big hit among many lives.

Who want to go to store buy things, grocery or shopping.??

The online shoping platform pitched in to ease out all the human effort. We can now relax at home and with handy mobile we can order anything from anywhere.

But now things are changing, and people started getting afraid of human touches. The so called learning from the deadly pandemic. Social Distancing, Hand sanitizing , and avoiding human touches gradually getting part of human life. The current situation does gives a green signal of Drone* the next big thing for home delivery in near future.


Drones have already shown a lot of potential, they are helping humans do a lot of impressive stuff, from border monitoring , to traffic to security. This truly goes to show how a single piece of technology can transform so many industries and in turn, so many human lives.

The one area that is only now beginning to get some serious attention, is drone delivering of consumer products to our doorstep.

Technology is making human lives more convenient and easy. With Drone introduced into home delivery now will help us to bring to you anything you want. Liquour ,Ice-cream, grocery, medicines etc!!

The most impressive part is that the technology is already ready to put under use. Already tested in different fields. A Drone just needs to be fitted with a predetermined route and it will simply follow the channel and drop the item at the desired location.

Recently, I watched a video, where liquor are home delivered through Drone. Also Amazon did made a trial too of drone delivery of products. Many companies have been testing out drone deliveries possibility to all parts. Though it must be designed in such a way that helps in catering the local needs rather than international.

Imagine if all of this becomes a reality, which is now quite possible due to the corona outbreak and people getting themselves quarantine and safe at home. It may also the hurdle of late delivery theory and the customer can get the product in lessor time. Allowing companies to meet the customer demand quickly and timely.

Our very definition of "late deliveries" could change as we would begin to expect everything within a matter of minutes. This is infact a true convenience of living in 21st century...Enjoy The Future!!

Stay Home....Stay Safe !!

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I like and I hate drones at the same time. On one hand they come at hand, on the other they play against us. First of all I don't like that drones are able to spy on us and that they can even be used in military action. Who knows what will happen in the future if one doesn't obey the government anymore. To such deliveries the downside that I see is taking out the human workforce and human interaction which is still esential for us humans.

Somehow we are moving towards robotic the human influence is already reducing...i remember in my last company we lay of 8 out of 10 people of scanning and indexing team.... The bots has already started in minimising the manpower. Big corporates too is ready to switch over to bots thereby reducing the manpower cost and getting benefitted.

Sad to hear that. People should care about other people and less about money.

But the companies are in favour of reducing their operating cost...which is getting replaced through bots and AI module. Every vig companies like Infosys, Accenture ,TCS and many more are working in this direction.....sadly it's people career which is under the sword.

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Wow..thanks 🙂 ....good to know content still matters..😉

Hello friend @steemflow, very good reading, thanks for sharing.

The future is here and this type of scenario is truly possible at this time, with the necessary adjustments we will see this more frequently.

Infact the need makes everything possible....and new invention such thing is already tested ...putting them into use is the main thing