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Hi Piotr,
I really have to say that I am very impressed with what you already achieved in those few month! I believe project hope is not only in itself a worthy endeavor, but I also believe that steem org should delegate steem to you, as your project will definitely make a difference for the whole steem ecosystem. And I certainly hope that more people will delegate to the project.hope account so that it can pay for the project itself and not out of your personal pocket.
steem on!


Appreciated @solarwarrior.

Wow, great perspective that you present to us dear friend!

We have honestly never considered this concept. Getting delegation from steem would be a huge step for us. I believe that we still do not have the magnitude necessary for us to be taken into account in this regard. Although the essence that involves our project is very noble.

Thank you very much for your encouraging spirit and for knowing how to value our effort.

Your Friend, Juan.

to be honest I would be really surprised if your application would NOT be considered... there are many initiatives that get either direct delegation or SPS that are good but not as great as project.hope is... so I would strongly encourage piotr and you to apply asap!

Yes, we need more projects like this to get even Steem known and this is the best marketing you can get!

Hi @solarwarrior, @juanmolina

Could you please tell me more about I checked account on steemit with this username and it does exist, but it's wallet = 0.

So I'm not sure what is about.

ps. @solarwarrior
I personally rather like to target audience very well with showing what I do here. So I engage with people I value and then I share my ideas and links to our publications only with those that I want to be close to.

For that reason SPS are not my way. There is really to many difficult people out there and I don't need their attention.

I rather make baby-steps and collaborate with people I respect. Like yourself

Cheers, Piotr :)

sorry.. I wasn't talking about a specific account.. I just was referring to the amount of steem that is still left with as far as I know also delegates loads of SP to steemians considered to boost the ecosystem