What is HIVE and how does it work?

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I will start from the first @theycallmedan question you find here

What is HIVE and how does it work?

I could answer a little "cleverly" that


I wouldn't lie when I said that, but maybe I'd avoid the real question.

Then I could answer you with a definition, like we're at a school exam.

Hive is a decentralized social platform.
It works through a blockchain, a new technology based on a chain of blocks that hold digital information collected in a public database.

Would I be too academic?

Then I could tell you what Hive is really about.
Hive is a community of communities.
A set of users fighting for a different way to use the web, to interact, to enhance the content that each user creates.
Videos, reviews, poems, drawings, stories.
In Hive anything is possible.

But Hive is also a product of other experience.
Those who are here from day one will know the story behind the birth of Hive.
There would be no HIVE without Steemit.
But Steemit was "bought" by a pirate, the ones with broken teeth, the red bandana and the black eye patch.
Not a good pirate.
And so the good pirates decided to collect the treasures they had conquered and build a better world.
A utopia.
Hive is this.

An ambitious product that brings together experienced people eager not to make past mistakes. It works thanks to its blockchain, its witnesses that allow us to keep this network active.
Your every shared thought will be forever on the net.
No censorship.
No prohibition.
Just an invitation to be better, to respect the rules of a civilized world made of civilized people.
On Facebook or youtube you can be censored, banished. Despite those bans you will read millions of absurd, Nazi, fascist, out-of-control posts.
It doesn't happen here, or at least it hasn't happened yet.
Do you know why?
Because here everyone is responsible for their own destiny, because here everyone feels part of a village.
And in a village you don't hate others but respect them.
They help each other.
They get incentives.

This is Hive.



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@serialfiller first of all very nice article, and very simple but informative for a newbie. I like the wording mixture very much.

Thanks a lot.

I am glad you like it