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in Project HOPElast year

@crypto.piotr please know that you are one of the few steemians I look up to. I am grateful that you are creating something good not only for the beneficiaries of @project.hope but Steem in general as well.

If you look at my SP most of it is delegated to me. I have just over 500SP only. That aside I do upvote and resteem your posts.

If you have something not very technical in mind- a topic/ event- I would love to write about it for you maybe once every 7-10 days.


Hi @sarez

I just realized that somehow I didn't see your comment and I just read it now. Thx for being so responsive :)

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

Are you using We've launched "Project HOPE" curation trail lately and I figured that perhaps you would like to join and support our efforts with 30-50% voting power

The way this curation trail is organized will benefit you: on average we trigger this curation trail only 4 times a day. And all upvotes from curation trial are being placed, solid upvote from @project.hope (almost 300k SP) will follow. This way your curation rewards should be quite decent :)

Also if you're wondering what content do we support, then please visit @project.hope and check out resteemed posts.

How does it sound? If you like this idea, then consider joining our trail
Cheers, Piotr