What profile might digital consumers become if technology continues to make inroads as it has been doing?

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In previous times, the constant technological evolution could confuse consumers when choosing a product, however, nowadays this same technological evolution has achieved in consumers a way in which they feel more confident in their purchasing decisions when selecting a product.

The great existing variability of digital media has provided the consumer with an advantage associated with shopping and both the consumer and the companies have had mutual benefits in the process. The simple fact that we as consumers have the ability to choose a wide variety of products associated with purchases using digital media gives us that advantage of not having to go to a physical store to get a product that may be necessary according to our consumption needs.

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Businesses that offer products have a direct way to benefit through digital technological advances as consumers can be provided with means through which feedback to product providers can be managed, this can occur because product purchase experiences can be shared through digital platforms, as is the example of hotels where we as consumers can give our point of view on whether the service provided was good, fair or bad.

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Undoubtedly, new experiences associated with this technological growth will emerge to constantly improve the experience between merchants and consumers, let's just wait for this technological world to keep surprising us more and more.



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Hello @sandracarrascal
I agree with you, I hope that technological advances will continue to provide greater benefits to both consumers and businesses.
Excellent lecura, thank you for sharing.
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