Let's analyze the changing role of technology for the benefit of environmental preservation

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On this occasion I would like to share with you a brief analysis concerning the changing role that technology should play in environmental preservation.

Perception of sustainable development

The future we must seek for our planet in environmental matters must be based on sustainable development, imminently the exploitation of natural resources is already an area in which human development through science and technology is not going to stop producing processed products from environmental resources, however a conscious and rational use leads us to think about a very relevant concept such as sustainable development.

When we analyze the term development we understand that human development is not going to stop as a result of the exploitation of its resources, however if we look for the ways to continue exploiting the resources in a conscious way, it is under that point that we enter in the sustainability of such development, because it is useless to continue producing and to continue developing under an excessive exploitation of resources, if at the end the future generations are not going to have natural resources to continue with such human development.

Due to this perception, our universities and educational centers at the secondary level teach that sustainable development is the development so longed for and that it is sought in order to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to also satisfy their own needs.

As we all know, the needs of both present and future human beings will be the same, that is to say, energy needs, needs for new forms of transport, needs for clothes and shoes and many others, but with the marked difference that the need to produce more, and to need more sources of natural resources, is increasingly strong. From my perception the concept of sustainable development sounds very nice, but in the end it is the actions in particular, aimed at a rational use of the planet's resources that will lead to the current and future man and sow the seeds of a correct application of sustainable development.

For example, it is possible to take into account the sustained development of one of the most precious natural resources that humanity has, such is the case of agricultural resources, taking into account that food is a basic and subsistence piece for humanity, it is essential to adopt mechanisms for sustained development in agricultural matters.


The role that technology should play in the preservation of the environment from a preventive approach

Undoubtedly, the development and progress of humanity will only be possible in a world with low rates of pollution, reducing the high rates of pollution will promote control over water shortages, have less polluted air under which humans prevail without disease from air pollution, in agriculture have more fertile and less polluted soils.

It is under this demand of solutions that the technology takes a parallel and changing role to the development and exploitation of resources, that is to say now science and technology sees viable to develop mechanisms in which treatment plants for industrial and domestic waste are made, that every time are bigger.


Environmental management is also evolving towards these approaches, since if technology takes a changing role to provide us with new elements, which as far as we can see carry implicit engineering characteristics, science and technology, then our role as environmental managers must be on a par with this development and technological transformation towards environmental preservation.

The technological element or equipment that is at the forefront of any environmental problem, be it water, soil or air pollution, as well as the example of the treatment plant, must be oriented to the prevention and proliferation of diseases in the human being, as well as to reduce the contamination rates of our habitats.

I hope that this brief but important analysis will be of reflection for all the friends who have the initiative of reading this article, I hope very soon to continue sharing this type of themes with all of you within the community of Project Hope.


This seems to be a viable path, but it must start by changing from school and university training, which are the ones who in the medium and long term will have to take the reins of the world.
It is also important that current leaders see this with real interest. Because they are the ones who now take action on this and other issues of relevance

Oh, man. You are right, the first thing is to change school education in all areas, starting by creating awareness about the damage we cause to the planet, then our role as environmental managers must be on par with this development and transformation of technology towards environmental preservation. Greetings and thanks for your receptivity

Yes, but these changes always take time, and they must be made by those who make the laws, that's where everything gets difficult.
Let's hope they make changes for the better.