Is fear in people good or bad?

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It is normal that we feel fear, especially taking into account that we can react to a situation that is threatening to us and express that feeling called fear, however what happens to people that fear is common in their daily lives, join me in this reading tour where we will analyze psychologically this feeling that can be favorable or unfavorable depending on the treatment that we people give to this feeling.

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What stimulates us to feel fear?

It is impossible to name the amount of elements and events that we can live in this short life that produce stimuli that generate fear in us, however, to be able to name these stimuli as something that occurs in all people is something wrong if in the end we understand it that way, since these stimuli are quite subjective at the time of understanding, to understand what I am trying to say is that what a certain person is afraid of there is another person who is not afraid of him and vice versa.

How can we assimilate fear?

This feeling that in many limited occasions and in others serves us as a state of alert that we call fear makes us have a perception of having an absence of control and prediction before any event that we want or must execute.

There are only two ways left to face fear, to assume and understand what a state of alert can mean and that the best thing is to stay away from that which produces fear, or on the contrary we face that which causes us fear assuming that it does not cause us danger and that it only limits us to the achievement of our objectives.

Fear can bring a state of confusion between facing or remaining passive and neutral, in this situation we must evaluate what really causes us fear, because even sometimes fear can save us from an eminent danger, and that is when we say: "thank goodness I felt fear". On the contrary, if the fear we feel is not in accordance with what seems imminent, that is, to feel fear of something we can easily solve, the best thing is to face the situation and overcome the fear that inhibits us.

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Can fear serve a purpose?

Sometimes I think that human behavior follows a pattern that is also followed by the laws of physics, remember when many perhaps saw in high school the law of action and reaction of the famous physicist Isaac Newton.

Consequently, I think that fear is a feeling that helps us to make an urgent decision, since it can be useful for us to react effectively and be able to escape or remain neutral in the face of any imminent danger that represents a serious threat to us.

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That is why I say that fear of human behavior follows the physical law of action and reaction, because we react to fear by taking action to safeguard our integrity in the face of a threat, so that under some circumstances fear can save us.

Tell me in the comments: How would you react to fear?



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Greetings, thank you for supporting @curie.

very good discussion about fear in psychological way. Actual fear is also important emotion because it gives a signal that this is harmful thing and stay away from it. For example i have fear of fire so i will stay away from fire.

Certainly fear is a feeling that keeps us away from danger, greetings and thank you for commenting my friend.

Hello friend @sandracarrascal, we can say that fear is a feeling that accompanies us always more than others, but, we all feel that sensation, it is important to highlight what you express:

Fear can bring a state of confusion between facing or remaining passive and neutral, in this situation we must evaluate what really causes us fear, because even sometimes fear can save us from an eminent danger.

This is really true on many occasions feeling fear allows us to avoid some dangers that are presented to us.

Exactly the fear allows us to be persuasive in the face of a threat, greetings and thanks for commenting @rbalzan79

hi dear @sandracarrascal
I usually get paralyzed, I don't know why the same thing always happens to me, I always ask God to give me courage, I think I need it, by the way there are like a thousand things that scare me.

You would have to evaluate each one of those things that scare you, it is important to separate the situations that you can face and overcome from the ones that you really have to get away from and avoid.

Greetings my dear friend and thank you for commenting

Greetings dear @sandracarrascal, interesting this topic. Fear is a very important emotion for our survival, it makes us alert to dangers. But many people somatize it in many ways that prevent them from taking action, in my house in the few situations of danger we have had I have gone out to face it and my wife has walked away, and then we discuss it because we do not know what is better haha.

Of course different approaches, what is fear for some is the reason for courage in others. Greetings my dear friend @emiliomoron and thank you for commenting.

the can be good or bad, it depend on the situation the fear occurs in. it can stop you from doing somethings and it can push you to do somethings

It is a very important point to evaluate the one you are talking about, in which fear can become the driving force of its counterpart as is courage. Greetings and thank you for commenting.