How can we start a solar energy company?

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Greetings friends of the community, today I would like to share with you a little about how we could start our company or business with solar panels

The generation of solar energy is undoubtedly a very profitable business, since the sun is one of the largest energy sources on the planet and most important of all it is available all the time and it is free, the reasons why I am proposing this business is because most of society is looking for renewable energy and at the same time healthy, this kind of business or company would be a very viable option towards a future that is just beginning and in the future will grow more and it is a profitable business since solar panels are not so expensive and would leave us a profit margin.


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If we want to start a renewable solar energy company, the main goals we have to take into account are

To offer customers solar panels so that they can replace common energy. The company will be in charge of installation, maintenance and monitoring.

If we plan well and have clear ideas and goals to follow this business or company is going to be a very entrepreneurial place where they will provide other opportunities for safe customers, we have to take into account the details of each solar panel and what are the main functions.


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We have the photovoltaic system in network, these are energy panels that can generate 100% of the required energy, this is because if the panel is going to generate little voltage due to the variation of the climate is not in optimal conditions, this system will be complemented with electrical network and thus achieve the required energy and thus prevent the electrical devices from burning.

Independent photovoltaic system. This is one of the systems that generates electric current with solar panels, these are the ideal systems for houses, fields that do not have access to the electric grid.


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Hello @sandracarrascal
Solar energy should be used in a better way, I agree with that.
The thing about solar panels is that they tend to be expensive, and their performance is only about 40-50% as I have read.
That's a big detail, and when there is cloudiness their performance decreases.

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Greetings dear friend @sandracarrascal

I like the focus of your publication, the profitability of business associated with environmental methods, I think it is still not being exploited to an acceptable level, and that referring to the production and sale of solar panels, is in essence the most attractive, first for its practicality, and second for its guarantee of a clean energy source for our homes.

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In particular, I think that solar energy can be a good business, taking into account that it is an energy that is booming at present, but we must take some corrections due to its high cost.

Greetings @sandracarrascal and thanks for sharing information of great relevance to the community of the project hope.