Economic importance in world trade

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The main objective of the international economic sector is to study the economic movements that take place in a country in relation to the rest of the world. You can see the aspects of different types, whether commercial, financial, technological, economic and also in the area of tourism.

As well as studying the world monetary funds, these aspects of the commercial political theories, the exchange markets and the use of the exchange of currencies of the different countries and the adjustments of the balances of payments.

When we refer to the international aspects in relation to the world economy, we can evaluate that the economy has had a relevant boom since the end of the 20th century, since we can observe that there is a growing interrelationship between the problems that occur in the international markets and the problems that occur in this respect to the economic sector in other countries.

When we talk about the international economy, we say that it is the science in charge of studying the economy and that it can be divided into two big branches, which are international trade and international finance.

When we mention international trade we are specifying the purchases of products and services that are made for export to foreign countries, is responsible for studying the causes and consequences of the economy of other countries, and the second option to international finance by residents of a particular country may have financial assets and liabilities issued by other countries, seeking a higher return on the financial market taking into account the risk to which it immerses in the market.

By conducting an economic study, we can promote exports by different government agencies and market studies by the industrial sectors of the country.

The economy at global level should continue to grow with the probability of a recession over the years, which merits studies that are not low at global level in the field of advanced economy, although the world economy is in a state of slowdown for several years and it becomes difficult to reverse the activity in some countries.


With this dynamism we can see evidenced the importance that has the commercial exchange at world-wide level, it is rare to see countries that are completely isolated in what concerns the commercial exchange, we live in a global world, where we are connected under a system of interchange of goods and natural resources, which are manageable under a structure and socio - economic understanding.


Good approach, thanks for this delivery.

Hello friend, I agree that we should maintain the exchanges, no country should be completely isolated, I think we should be able to count on the help in any situation. But if I consider that a country should be very independent in terms of its economy, not depend on others to be able to survive.

Greetings @sandracarrascal, an extraordinary topic that you share with us in this opportunity related to the economic importance of trade at a planetary level. The commercial interchange at world-wide level has allowed us to evolve to unthinkable levels since as you express it is strange to observe some country of the world totally isolated of such commercial interchanges. Thank you for sharing such a rich and interesting post. Successes.