Can our self-esteem be sick?

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Hello friends.

I would like to leave some contributions of my own about how you can conceptualize about self-esteem, especially before developing this brief analysis of whether our self-esteem can be healthy?

Let's analyze the word automobile, a mobile is any object that is in movement, however when we associate it with the ancestor word auto, we are assigning it a meaning as "that machinery to move of which needs the control of an operator to be able to move".

Now, let's imagine that the mobile is our esteem, and that the self, i.e. who manages that esteem is us, then I can conceptualize self-esteem as a set of feelings that motivate us and that we are the only ones who have the control to have it at high or low levels.

In particular I think that yes, our management of that set of feelings that stimulate us to feel good or bad, can be low, when those levels are low is because we have our sick self-esteem, but the purpose of this post is not simply to tell you if the self-esteem that we have can be healthy or sick, but also to analyze other factors that encompass aspects of a healthy and balanced self-esteem.

In order to have a healthy balanced self-esteem, it is necessary to be able to build the foundations on which we are going to raise our building called self-esteem, for example acting in life being empathetic, can lead us to a plane of understanding where we begin to build a healthy and balanced self-esteem.

Being able to handle the moments in which we find ourselves alone makes us value ourselves, since we find a point of valuation and acceptance with our own company, in conclusion under this point it is necessary that we learn to meet our inner self.

The conclusion of the case is that you can adapt a series of factors that help you to raise the pillars to build a healthy and balanced self-esteem, where balance is essential to have a sense of acceptance and realism about how we are handling the present of our daily life.



Hello @sandracarrascal!
Each one of us is responsible for taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves, we have to work as you say to strengthen those pillars that help us to keep us in our day to day. Self-love is key to live a happy life, be authentic and get where you want to go. Greetings!

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@tipu curate 4

Hi @sandracarrascal, self-esteem is very important to live and enjoy life.
The acceptance and valuation of ourselves is the basis of well-being. According to specialists, self-esteem can be affected in different ways, that's why we talk about low self-esteem, high self-esteem and of course the balanced self-esteem.
Thank you for sharing this information.
Greetings, happy weekend

Hello @raizayanez.

I really like that vision of life, that is to assume in a good way that a correct self-esteem makes us happy, thank you friend for commenting. Greetings

Hello dear friend, an interesting topic, our self-esteem is fundamental so that we can be motivated to move forward, I think that today we pay more attention to what others think of us than to our own criteria and that is something that must change, we must reinforce those thoughts in positive thoughts and love ourselves as we are. Greetings!

Hello friend, certainly having a thought and self-esteem of our own, where we care more about our happiness than what others say, is very important to build a solid self-esteem. Greetings and thanks for commenting.

Hello friend, in a world where everyone cares more about what they will say or what they can project on a social network, it is easy to see our self-esteem wandering, I have always thought that all human beings are beautiful and capable and I do not mean only The physical, we are a creation of God, we are perfect, we must learn to love and accept ourselves.

Hello friend, your comment is very important because the simple fact of adding that important part that we humans are divine creation and that we are perfect in the eyes of God is quite stimulating to forge a motivation that is at the height of a high self-esteem. Greetings and thank you for your contribution in this comment.

I like the explanation of self esteem you gave , it's more easier to understand that way. Nice piece