Analyzing some important philosophical phrases of the philosopher and mathematician René Descartes

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Greetings friends of Project hope.

I am not an expert in philosophy and much less in mathematics, but in the 1600s there was a man who revolutionized these two great worlds such as mathematics and philosophy, I do not come to talk about mathematics because it is not my area and I do not really dominate that part, and although philosophy is not my strong point, I want to analyze some very important phrases of this noble and important character that catch my attention. Let's start with the analysis of the following sentences:

"To investigate the truth it is necessary to doubt, as far as possible, all things."

René Descartes

It is a very important phrase that has coincided with many experiences of my real life, since it is very normal that at some point we have to investigate some matter that leads us to clarify and get as close to the truth.

Now it seems contradictory but the truth is a very valuable treasure, when we look for it everyone hides it, many lie to keep denied a series of facts that can lead us to that longed truth, for these and many reasons it is necessary to distrust everyone and everything, so this search will always be accurate and effective when everything we do leads us to doubt everyone and everything that happens in our environment, this generalized doubt is what will probably help us to find the truth, or failing that, to get to it as close as possible.

"It would be absurd for us, finite things, to try to determine infinite things."

René Descartes

We human beings have a beginning which is to be born and an end which is to die, therefore we are beings that do not reach eternity, that is to say we are finite beings as described by the great philosopher Descartes in this phrase, being in this condition I believe that we will never understand not only the infinity of things but also to understand the complexity of the infinite, as for example the infinity of the universe, the infinity of knowledge, and so on, I could continue showing you elements that in their infinite existence would be difficult to understand for us humans who are of finite existence.

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I do not want to make this post so long, so I just want to show you the personal interpretation of these two phrases, leaving pending other important phrases in a second part.

The important thing to emphasize as learning from these two sentences is that the truth is too valuable to seek and find it so easy, which is why we must distrust everyone and everything when we are in that precious search.

I believe that science, hand in hand with knowledge, will continue to fight and contribute to decipher many enigmas that are hand in hand with that infinite essence that involves not only the confines of the universe, but also in essence many things that we cannot understand, but even though we are finite beings and we do not know the understanding of the infinite, I think we will continue in this constant search.

I would like to read your opinions on what you think about these two important phrases of René Descartes.



Hello dear teacher @sandracarrascal

Thank you for socializing this type of content, even though it is not your area of training as you indicate, the thematic breakdown you made is very good, the relation to the phrases you quote from Rene Descartes, the first is one of those that has been related to the methodical doubt and the radical foundation of knowledge, with regard to the second sentence you analyze, referring to our finite existence, I think that in this analogy Descartes projects that we must act giving everything for a finite life. Congratulations for this great article.

Certainly my dear friend professor @lupafilotaxia these phrases are very inspiring, I saw them on the web and decided to make an interpretation of these two that I touch specifically in this post. Greetings and thank you for your comment.

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Hello @sandracarrascal
Two great phrases from Descarte, an excellent proposal for reflection.
Let's start with the first one:

"In order to investigate the truth it is necessary to doubt, as far as possible, all things".

There is always the margin of doubt, this statement only proves once again that as long as something is not proven to be true, there is a reasonable % of doubt about it.
And in relation to the second sentence:

"It would be absurd for us, finite things, to try to determine infinite things".
Human beings, whose existence is finite, have had the possibility of attaining knowledge that has allowed them to determine subjects far beyond their reach. Thank you for this great reading. Best regards.

Excellent, really your comment is a great analysis that perfectly complements what was described in my post. Greetings friend and thanks for sharing.

Greetings friend @sandracarrascal.

A great writing that you share with us on this occasion related to the exciting world of philosophy, actually great philosophical phrases of this great historical figure as was René Descartes, no doubt, were captured through time.

In addition to being a great philosopher, this great character is considered the father of analytical geometry, that is, a multifaceted character with great intellectual capacity.

Thank you for sharing this extraordinary content with all of us, I enjoyed reading it. Best wishes.

Correct, this great character made great contributions from various fields. Greetings friend @rbalzan79 and thank you for your comment.

The philosophical breadth that this great philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes had is evident, and in a very educational way you share with us a very well explained interpretation. Greetings and thank you for your contribution.

Thank you @carlos84 for complementing very well with your comment the important philosophical contribution of René Descartes, greetings and thank you for your comment.

Hello friend, an excellent publication, certainly being curious and distrustful people makes us always look for the truth of things, I think that is a great benefit because we acquire more knowledge, although it is not always good to distrust. These are great messages that you offer here. Greetings!

Greetings friend, it is certainly not good to always distrust, thanks for the comment.