Unifying The World Through The Wave Of Technological Advancement

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Hi buddies, here is my entry for the Project Hope competition organized by @josevas217 and @juanmolina. Now, the idea of this is to either agree or disagree (with reasons) on this statement by José Krutch:

Technology made large populations possible; now large populations make technology indispensable." José Krutch.

My view: I strongly agree, and here are my reasons:

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Just to remind you about this phrase; "the world is a global village".. Yes, that is how the world has now be looked at. Very many years ago, before the advent of technology, almost everything that relates to humankind were characterized by manual physical and strenuous labour. Imagine sending a letter to your loved ones in another continent, you will have to wait for days for delivery and response.

However now, in seconds, you can communicate with anyone from any place in the world without restriction - all thanks to technology of digital media. As technology becomes more advanced, it keeps forming part of our daily lives and, you will be right to say that our lives are now so much revolving around technology that they have become indispensable. You will agree with me that for every single day, you must use technological devices.

Many people, as they wake up from sleep, the first thing they do (even without checking if they can walk) is to check their phones and their social media handles. From checking social media handles, messages will pop in and they might spend the next couple of minutes with their devices.

One thing I have understood about technology is that it was born out of the obvious needs of humanity to solve the inherent weaknesses in the world. Even though there are some flip sides to technology, but you will agree with me that it has, and is still assisting humanity. Take this instance; there would have never been any reason to invent mobile phones if we have telepathic abilities. We would have not needed automobiles if we have teleportation abilities.

The very thing that led to the advent of technology (which is the population) is the same thing that is making technology indispensable. Humanity have tasted the benefits of technology and the quest to see more has become inevitable. One thing I keep saying is that the things we have seen in the area of technology is nothing compared to what we are set to see because technology can be considered to still be in its state of infancy.

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In the recent past, technological devices formed an extension of humans' abilities but with what is going on now, technology will soon become part of humans themselves. Oh yes! The process has already been initiated and we should only brace up to welcome the new wave of technology.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


Wow, I read through this post with goosebump on my face. What an interesting read I must say. I am agreeing with you on your valid point. Incase you don't know, cryptocurrency is still at it infant stage and with more years to come, more crazy technology will be rolled out. The essence of all this is to make the world a better place. Imagine sending mail to a friend back then, it will take days to get it delivered. Then the world was so slow as things takes time to catch up. Thank to technology, things are getting better.

That's right buddy, more advancement will still be witnessed in the field of technology and I think we should welcome it with open mind. Thanks a lot for coming around

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