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RE: NFT promises to improve creative economies - ¿A cure for copyright?

in Project HOPE2 years ago

The NFTS is a genius and is having great hype at the moment, due to their versatility and how great they are, allowing you to explore a new world full of possibilities to generate almost infinite money.

But there is still much to see, how good this experiment is going to be, what I can say is that it is a very interesting market in which I participate and I always find new creations that I keep and they are very interesting, perhaps in the future, they will have a lot of value.


Hi @reinaldoverdu, it really can be so, if artists can digitize or learn to digitize their drawings and people to buy them they can make good sum of money. That's the most interesting thing to bet on creations that may have potential in the future, you never know what can happen. Thanks for your support.