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RE: COVID is helping Digital India dream

in Project HOPE2 years ago

This is undoubtedly leading us to use technology much more and in my opinion India has huge potential I think that his best capital is people and their ideas innovative; and with digitization they are taking a big step to the next evolution.

Over time we will not only forget about physical money, but Iam sure that we dont need anymore no phone, tablet or computer, or make transactions because we will do everything from our brain. The better example Is Neuralink from Elon Musk.

Great information.


Yes, that's right the revolution is faster. Especially from a highly populated country like India, this is definitely a big thing.

Yes, using our mind for communications is something that other species have achieved already and it is just that when humans went far from nature. I personally feel that humans also have that capability and we haven't explored our brain capacity yet and what and all humans can do. Now it can look like a fantasy tale but one day it will be proved by science.